What do you think of this "trend" of growing armpit hair for girls?

I had no idea it was a trend. I just thought it was another nonsense act of Miley Cyrus. But now I read that it is a "trend" and not just any trend, but a "feminist" trend. Sigh... here it goes.

What exactly is the point of this? To show "equality" ? Are you incredibly effin kidding me? This is terrible. Girls trying to be like guys so they can be seen the same? To showcase that girls will rebel against what society or tradition has told them to do simply because they are females. Lets flip this~So if guys wanted equality, in girls' perspectives, he would have to be clean shaven, thorough? no hair nada? except on their head?

I seriously don't understand some of womens' perspectives on this whole equality shit. So if you want to grow your armpit hair to show that you can do it too because "we are all equal," what if you had to start lifting a couple of heavy things at the same amount and at the same time as a guy? what if the guy handed you the bill on the first date or most dates? Wahhhh oh I'm sorry that doesn't count? cause its not chivalry?

Women are incredibly ENTITLED stupid creatures full of egos. As a woman, I don't give a shit if I am not supporting these pointless moves of women equality, because why should I? There are certain subjects and areas where equality needs to exit such as the wage gap but stupidity nonsense like this armpit hair crap? Nooo. You're not proving your point, sorry.

Here's the thing, women and men forget to embrace themselves as the gender they are. Women forget to embrace our feminity and not trash it or else that allows men to trash it too. Same goes for men. But its the whole "feminism" movement that drives me nuts sometimes from most females. At the end of the day, I would like to not shave my hairs either and save time but I embrace the fact that I am a beautiful female, we were given a certain gift to use. People especially today's young generation get so offended easily. If a guy said "um it would be nice if you came out with clean armpits you know just to look nice?" the girl would be like "why? cause I'm a girl?" ughh yes cause you're a girl and deal with it.
What do you think of this "trend" of growing armpit hair for girls?
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