Why do some people rev their engine's when they're mad?

I accidentally cut off a motorcylce driver (not a harley just a typical motorcycle) not too long ago. It was very dark with very little lightning on the streets, but he was basically driving blind because his headlight was very dim. I could barely see him in the dark. Afterwards, he went into the other lane and reved his enigne really loud to take off. I know some people do it just to get you to react or another way of saying "F" you. I was going to honk the asshole back, but again it was my fault for not seeing him...


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  • Do you do quick head checks? I don't rely on my side mirrors as someone is always in my blind spot and side mirrors don't actually make that blind spot visible.

    Plus Harley motorcycles are bloody loud, how couldn't you hear that engine BLOP BLOP BLOP? Lol

    • I'm a pretty safe and bit of a slow driver. The mirrors were useless because again it was very dark and could barely see anything apart from another car. Additionally, it wasn't a harley it was just a typical motorcycle...

    • Oh slow driver that makes sense. Maybe you were just slow turning in and out of a certain lane and the biker wasn't so happy that you took your time, and didn't see him while doing so. I don't rev I just just the freaking horn them!


      But motorbike lights needs to be bright, I don't know why the persons light was dim, plus on top of that doing head checks (which isn't looking into the mirror, it's looking across your shoulder quickly). Maybe do that next time or something. You just have to be familiar with the surroundings of your car, the bike person should of done that to.

    • Thank you for MH

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  • It's kinda like shouting... with a vehicle