How Much is Too Much Muscle?

How much muscle is to much muscle? i am pretty muscular and just always see myself as a bit too small, i see all my flaws

I was wondering what people considered too much?

How Much is Too Much Muscle?
In 10 or 12 years i hope to look like Zane, he is my ultimate goal
Do you consider him too muscular?


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  • 10 years to look lile him? Do you have poor muscular genetics? Fast ass metabolism?

    Highly doubt it'll take 10 years.. More like 4-5

    • Its taken me years to put on muscle already, yeah my genetics aren't any help really, but i have to work with what i got, i sleep and eat well, make sure evrything else is on point
      I am way passed the Noob gains stage
      I went from 5'10'' 135
      5'10''- 167 in the last 5 and 1/2 years
      I am very lean...
      To get to his proportions will take a while

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    • Thankyou bro

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  • That is definitely too much.

    • Is it because he is really low body fat, and dry?
      lets see he was less defined, would you think he look good

    • :( oh well, i guess girls won't like me so much but only a few will be into it
      thanks for your opinion

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  • Basically what the bodybuilders look like today is too much. There's a lot of criticism about it because it's basically just all drugs and GH guts and stuff now. Girls do seem to like "beach bodies" and some like six packs but I see negative comments about some "feelings like rocks."

    Girls from what I see just want to know they're dating a human really. Those oversized grunts who can barely move their arms are just weird.

    • wasn't really about getting girls, more of how society would view me as a whole, girls and guys included
      i think i will try to be less dry

  • Yes, that's too much unless you are going into competition.

    • That's my goal
      How ever long it takes though I will obtain a similar level of muscularity

  • When it stops being practical and just turns into aesthetics.

    • I have practical muscles already for the most part, i want the size and aesthetics too match
      But i understand your reasoning

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