Have you ever laughed at some ones private area?

yesterday at my house my little brother brought some friends over and i did too
my friends are more matur than i am thats why i love being around them and when my little brother is around they kind of treat him like they're younger brother

anyways some kid was going around pulling down peoples pants or pantsing them
and he pantsed me i laughed and my friends laughed underwear didn't come down though

i told the kid to stop i didn't want to have to send him home, he said ok but i told him he could pants
my brother as a joke

so he did... and his underwear came down
i wanted to laugh so bad but i didn't noobody left they were just like


he's kinda on the... small side if you catch my drift

my little brother was laughing so it was all good he wasn't embarrassed or anything but he did pants thew boy back (hes 2 years younger than me 14)


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  • Oh my god my friends and I used to receive a ton of nudes back in high school.
    I remember one got sent to us and it was just flopped up on the sink like a sausage... literally tiny... like a sausage...
    And another one, My current boyfriends best friend was trying to get at me in high school so he sent a picture and it was small enough to fit behind a travel sizes axe can
    I've never laughed so hard in life, I was crying from the size of the small weens.


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  • Kids being kids.