Estimated circumference greater or less than the calculated value?

Sorry to be a disturbance to you all, but this homework is getting me crazy.
We're learning about the radius, diameter, and circumference,
So is the estimated circumference greater, or less than the value?
Your answer is highly appreciated.
And if you could, please explain why it's greater or less.
No hate please :)

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  • Less than the calculated circumference.
    Pi=3.14159, but in your grade, it's 3.14.
    When Pi is estimated, it's 3.
    The actual circumference has two more decimal values than the estimated, therefore, your answer will be less than the calculated circumference.


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  • 1. What is an estimated circumference?
    2. Is that really you in the profile pic? That looks like a young woman in her early 20s.

    • If the Estimated Circumference is 3 times the diameter, than the estimated circumference is less than the circumference because the circumference = 3.141592653589732... times the diameter. (That 3.14159 number is "pi".)

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    • Well, I know lots of math. Maybe I can help.

    • Thank you! :D

  • It's probably less than the calculated, because pi is 3.14 so if you estimate its going to be times 3.

  • I have no idea I suck at math and geometry

  • That depends entirely on the formula you are using to estimate the circumference. You haven't given us enough information to answer the question.

    • I'm so sorry!
      The question says, "When you estimate the circumference, you use 3 instead of I= (tilt your head please, I can't insert the sign.). Is the estimated value greater than or less than the calculated value? Explain."

    • Okay, so abc3643 is right, because the actual value of Pi is approximately 3.14159, which is greater than 3, so:
      2 x 3 x Radius (the estimated circumference)
      ... is lower than...
      2 x 3.14159 x Radius (the actual circumference)

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