Closest meaning to this quote gets MHO! "What if I were smiling and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?" Can anyone explain it?


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  • Would it look anything like this?

    • NOOOO!!! LOL!!

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    • That's OK bro. I'm quite sure that YOU are not the keeper of the "secret one true meaning".

      Thousands of people love to chime in with their OPINIONS about quotes from that book. Unless you have a personal relationship with - I'm gonna say YOUR version of what it means carries no more weight than the other 100,000 opinions on it. :)

    • hahahaha! lol don't take it personally... hahahaha! okay...

  • Hmmm my best guess is that it's saying you should be happy with yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Everyone should accept their own wonderful qualities. In this quote it's saying if I'm incredibly happy to be with you, won't you love all the amazing things about yourself that I already and love.


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  • It means the person who said that loves you, and wants you to see the extent of their love! :)

    • close but not close enough!! nice try though :)