Turkey Vs Spain Who would win in a war?

Who would win in a war between Turkey and the Spain?

  • Turkey
  • Spain
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  • I just chose turkey cuz it's a interesting animal tbh


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  • Well Spain is a civilised nation so America and Britain will probably jump on the bandwagon. I'm sure Turkey is a nice place but it has connections with ISIS and nobody will come to their aid in a hurry.

  • Depends on who they partner with, and how much their partners back them

    • NATO?

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    • Turkey Spain, Vs Israel who winner?

    • Say one of the countries got US backing, but the backing only amounted to aid, while the other country got backing from Russia in the form of weapons, and military support. The country with the military support would win. I can't imagine Spain and Turkey fighting, but if they did it would be who supports them that dictates who wins the war I suspect.

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