Are attractive, dark and brooding men weird, intimidating, or hot, or a combination of these?

I've been told many, many times I'm serious, even dark and brooding once. I've also been told I'm attractive, hot, etc. (The last one not to sound arrogant just for background).
It seems like the hot phase for these guys ended with the grunge rock, post-rock period in the mid 90's. The charming, I-don't-give-a-fuck, happy-go-lucky type seems to be dominant these days. Just wondering.


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  • Women find both types highly attractive.

    I used to be the former. Now I a mix of the two.

  • Every girls got her type. Some will date a guy the rest of them find completely repulsive (so I've been told by girls at least). I think most of the time I look the same, personality changes when I talk though.