Why do people spike other peoples drinks?

It goes both ways here. I've known guys who've been spiked and girls who have been spiked (more frequently the latter). My question is why? Why do you do it? Why do you target that specific person? What sort of benefit do you get from it? Do you not feel guilty after? I want to better understand the motivations behind the action after seeing so many people fall victim to this this year.


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  • If the victim is a girl, it's usually done to rape her in a way she won't remember. If the victim is a guy, it's usually done to rob him in a way he won't remember. In both cases, the crime is extremely hard to uncover, which is why some people find it appealing. For example if someone spikes your drink with k. o. drops, takes you home (you will show no resistance whatsoever), rapes you and sends you away again, it's almost impossible for the police to find out who did it. Unless the culprit is a complete idiot and leaves DNA-traces on your body (namely sperm), there is no way to find him. You will probably wake up on the sidewalk somewhere with a headache and have no freaking idea what happened. Based on an abdominal pain and your unusual wake-up location you might deduce that you were raped but that's pretty much it. You won't remember a face or a voice, let alone a name or specific location. It's like a complete blackout.

    I don't go to nightclubs but my best friend was once robbed this way. Someone spiked his drink and my friend didn't realize it. When he came back to consciousness on a couch in the bar-section of the club, everything was gone: his coat, his wallet, his keys... everything. It's really a terrible thing this exists.

    • Holy shit that's awful! I hope he hasn't suffered anymore since. I've known two people end up in hospital and spent a day watching over my friend after she was spiked with ketamin of all things to ensure she was alright. I just can't fathom why people do it, they could potentially kill someone for fucks sake

    • I don't know... it's insane. But why do people rape women in general? Why do people assault others? Why do people jack cars or murder innocent people?
      I guess the very unsatisfactory answer is simply: because they feel like it and because they lack empathy.

    • I suppose so, thank you for sharing!

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  • Some find it funny, most do it to get people drunk

  • They're sociopathic rapists. They are selfish and couldn't care less if their desires harm others so long as they get what they want.


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