What does it mean when a guy gives you a fist bump when you did something great?

This guy and I work together on a project and I make a breakthrough (did something innovative). He gave me a fist bump after I told him about it.

i'm not suggesting that it's any kind of flirting. I just want to ask what kind of sign is he trying to show.


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  • A fist bump, in Western society, denotes a feeling of congratulations from the giver to the recipient. Often a gesture of bonding between bros, it has evolved into a more unisex form of saying "Hey man, that was awesome. Good job".

    Alterations of the fist bump could be a game of bloody knuckles, where participants try to draw blood to their opponent by way of striking said opponents balled fist. But this is usually a completely separate entity from the actual "bro fist" experienced in comradery.


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  • i think he's in love with you.

    or if I'm serious: nothing.

  • High five, thumbs up, hand shake etc etc one star


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