Putting your arm around a girls shoulder?

What does it mean when you guys put your arm around a girls shoulder?

A girl you've known for about a year, you talk sometimes but aren't really friends. You're standing in a queue with her and put your arm around her shoulder, and leave it there while you talk to her.


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  • Well I do it to a lot of my friends now, in order to make it seem normal, but at first I only did it to the few girls I really liked, and now its just a bad habit.

    But everything really depends on the context of how he's doing it, for instance if you guys are walking side by side and talking and he suddenly wraps his arm around you and pulls you closer its because he likes you(most likely).

    or if your with a group of friends and your talking to someone else and he does it its because he is to some extent jealous that that person has all of your attention and wants it for himself, in short it means he likes you and wants you for himself.

    but if its just a casual sort of resting it there then he probably is more likely to just be being friendly.

    • we were just standing in the queue with his friends waiting to get into a club, I wasn't really talking to anyone else but him.

      What confuses me is that his shy friend used to like me until about 2 weeks ago, but he did it right after he left so I don't think he saw us.

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    • at that moment I don't know if it was friendly or more, but earlier in the night he seemed like he was flirting. And recently he started sitting next to me in class, away from his friends, and he does tease me more now than before.

    • Either way he is showing a vested interest in you, I foresee a good outcome for the two of you.

      but to give you more info as to why.

      From what I can tell three of the four types of attraction have already taken place if not started to.

      Physical attraction taken place.

      Mental attraction started.

      symmetrical attraction has either taken place or been ignored.

      chemical attraction unknown.

      Just wondering are you going to act on my analysis or are you going to wait and see what happens?

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  • It can mean a lot.

    But it definitely shows that he likes you. Can't tell to what degree (I mean, fathers, brothers, cousins etc do that all the time)

    He likes you enough and feels comfortable.But don't get your hopes way too high. Always keep your options open.

  • Maybe he wanted to see how you would react to him making a move without having to verbally do so because if you didn't like it then you could have showed him that you don't have the same feelings for him that he might have for you. None of my guy friends that I barely talk to would do that so he defientley has a bit of a crush on you. Doesn't seem like you pulled away so if you have feelings for him then this is a good sign!

  • When a guy puts his arm around your shoulder, it means that he is nice and sweet and protective of you. But it is less intimate then a hand around the waist. Physical contact is a sign of flirting

    But be wary this could be somehting that buddies do to each other link