Arm around shoulder of girl I like?

i am about to be on winter break for about two months and there is a girl I like that I want to meet up with over the break. I think she likes me and I want to make a move before its too late. well when we are walking on the last day of class I want to put my arm around her shoulder and squeeze her a bit you know like a hug as I say we should meet up over the break.

so my questions:

-if she likes me will she let me keep my arm there? I plan on just keeping it there for a couple seconds

-if she looks awkward about it or brushes my arm away does that for sure mean she doesn't like me that way? and how should I respond if she did that?

-for girls: if the guy you liked put his arm around your shoulders how would you react? look at him and smile, put your arm around him, or what?
Arm around shoulder of girl I like?
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