Have you ever had a bad experience with black magic?

I dont believe in it but i have seen so much weird things because of it. For example my muslim cousin's former mother in law put curse on his son ex wifes. His son divorced many times because he abused them. I notice that none of them could remarry. She found signs of the curse in her house. This specific curse should make you have bad luck in life and make you not find anyone to marry. She also went to islamic scholar (hodja) and this scholar immediately knew what is wrong with her even though she did not tell anything about her mother in law, divorce, or her ex husband. This bitch also put curse on a rich guy for not marrying her daughter. This rich guy is single since then. He does not have any girlfriend, girl etc in her life but before this case he had many gfs. Not even gold diggers want him and his mother is worried about him. I mean come on. How is this possible? A rich guy can't even get golddiggers. Wtf this is so weird and all of this happened just after he had not married the daughter of this bitch. Is this really a coincidence?
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You know what. Just tell me your stories about it, if you had any. If you dont believe in it, it is ok but please dont make a post about it since it has nothing to do with the question. I also will delete troll posts
Have you ever had a bad experience with black magic?
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