Philosophical question: Why are women so powerful?

I am not bitter but this question really makes me think about it. Shall we?

Women push for marriage and get all the benefits of it while the man is forced to give her his paycheck and gets all the liabilities. And men fall for it.

In divorce women get half of his stuff, alimony, child custody, child support.

In dating women are the one's, who choose a boyfriend but most men are out of luck and won't even have a choice. Especially in online dating! Women are mostly desired and men are mostly undesired.

Women receive protection and shelters from abuse but men are not being taken seriously. Men's suicide rate is 4 times higher than the women's suicide rate.

In rape accusations female victims are believed right away (men are guilty until proven innocent) while for men it's the exact reverse: Women are innocent until proven guilty. She can imprison him at will for years just like that.

Men are valued for their income while women are valued for their beauty. Every woman can be beautiful at any time but not every man can be wealthy until he is at least 25 years old or he was born into a rich family or won the lottery.

A woman in a nightclub/bar/whatever is a gem but a man in a nightclub is not.
Women are pursued but men are not.

Did I miss anything else?

In such conditions, how is a man able to navigate and lead in life when women have such tremendous power over us? I know, we men have tremendous physical strength and we can pee standing up. Have we men lost our position, power, self respect and became too dependent on women in life?
What is our men's power in society other than physical strength and being money making machines? How can we establish balance without taking away the other party's rights and opportunities? Because I sure as hell don't want to send any women back into the kitchen. That would make me just as bad as the feminazis and is nonsensical.
Philosophical question: Why are women so powerful?
Philosophical question: Why are women so powerful?
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