Is there a moral problem with spaying and neutering animals?


Of course, spaying and neutering animals is effective for population control. At the same time, does anyone else have a moral issue with this? In my case, I have two cats and a dog all female. It was only until recently that the cats were spayed and the main reason is that they pee outside the litter boxes constantly and I thought it would help. But for the two years I had them, I did not like that they have no way to consent to a surgery that is going to be painful to recover from and prevent them from ever having babies. They are indoor cats so unless they got out, they wouldn’t be at risk of being pregnant. I thought this would be enough to keep them not pregnant without permanently altering their bodies.
My dog, 2, has yet to be spayed and I am facing the same dilemma. I love her and I feel bad about the idea of doing this without her consent.
Maybe this sounds crazy. I know it’s logical to fix animals and I generally support it, but what if they’re indoor animals with low risk of getting pregnant? I know that it prevents or decreases the risk of certain cancers but my animals couldn’t/can’t consent to this surgery and permanent alteration of their own bodies.

Is there a moral problem with spaying and neutering animals?
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