Republicans and Trumplicans - who would you rather go to war with?

Donald Trump Is Promising Peace In A Second Term. War With Iran Seems More Likely.

To hear Donald Trump tell it, a vote for him in 2024 is a vote for world peace.
“We’re at the brink of World War III, just in case anybody doesn’t know it,” the former president said in announcing his reelection bid. He has repeatedly blamed President Joe Biden for Russia’s vicious assault on Ukraine, saying it would not have happened on his watch. Trump claims that Biden’s support for Ukrainian resistance risks a nuclear war with Moscow and that he could end the fighting within 24 hours.

His supporters, from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to Sen. J. D. Vance (R-Ohio), are echoing the refrain: Vance argues that Trump ran the “most cautious and the most careful foreign policy we’ve had in this country in a generation.”

The narrative serves Trump’s goal of seeming like an outsider fighting a flawed establishment and suits his strategy of seeking votes by appealing to Americans’ fears. But it ignores the issue that would likely pose the biggest foreign policy challenge of a second Trump presidency and one Trump has shown little capacity to handle peacefully: Iran.

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Republicans and Trumplicans - who would you rather go to war with?
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