What's your favorite war cry?

Mine is of course going to be the rebel yell, it was used even in Vietnam to drive NVA soldiers from their fortified positions.

It's a very high pitched cry composed of three different yells, it makes the native battle cry seem like kids play. Cause when you hear the native battle cry, you know they're a bunch of primitive savages with sticks and bows, they never stand a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding.

But the rebel yell shows men who are civilized, they work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week to produce food for their families, and they go out hunting, they can hit the eye of a squirrel at 400 yards, every time.

Now a whole Corp of them is heading towards you, letting out that high pitched battle cry, they're not scared to die, they're looking forward to burying their bayonet into your heart, and crushing skulls to mush with their rifle butt.

That kind of horror is unimaginable, and it shoes greatly why the charge in Chancellorsville was so successful. 20,000 Confederates vs 80,000 Union soldiers, and the Union soldiers never stood a chance. The Union soldiers were whipped so hard that they dropped their rifles and fled, screaming and crying their eyes out as they ran for their lives.

Now, that is a battle cry to remember.

It's too easy to pick that, so let's move on. In deadliest warrior, the Spartans fought the ninjas, and easily whipped them. The samurai fought the vikings, and edged them out.

That left the Spartans and Samurai for who would take the crown as the deadliest ancient warrior. In the sim, the Spartan stabbed the Samurai in the side of the head, as he tried to break the Spartan's shield.

He tried to swing again, but the Spartan stabbed the samurai in the kidney, and bashed his shield against his skull. Then he stabbed the samurai in the neck, ending him. Then he raised his sword and let out a echoing cry of victory. Even having steel against bronze couldn't beat the zeal of the Spartan, and it was beautiful
Whats your favorite war cry?
What's your favorite war cry?
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