How many online Trump supporters actually are bots?

How many online Trump supporters actually are bots?

It's been know since Trump's first campaign back in 2016 that Russia has a hard-on for Trump's liking of Putin, combined with his feeble mind and easy to manipulate persona, all of which makes him the best candidate to allow for Russia's interests to be fulfilled without obstruction. Putin's Russia is making a lot of efforts to make Donald Trump appear more popular than he actually is, initially by using professionnal trolls from the Olgino-based Internet Research Agency and now, by using Chat-GPT derived bots.

Recently, such a bot has apparently been uncovered on X, just because its idiot handler failed to pay his bill 😆, revealing inert coding in which the bot is told to argue in favor of Donald Trump in English.

So, since Trump :

  • Never won the popular vote
  • Is Putin's lap dog (he'll let him do anything he wants)
  • is, at the moment, struggling to attract large crowds at his rallies (like the recent June 22, 2024 rally in Philly)
  • Is a convicted criminal who's becoming increasingly senile every day

What do you feel is the proportion of Trump fans, online, that actually are bots (russian or otherwise) made to make Donald Trump seem more popular than he is?

More than 75%
About 50%
About 25%
Less than 25%
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How many online Trump supporters actually are bots?
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