Is anyone here taking the upcoming USA presidential debate seriously?

Biden won’t accept a fair debate.

When it’s done strictly under “Biden rules” is can’t even be called a debate anymore.

it will be exactly or worse than the debate Trump had with hillary.

she was given the questions beforehand, her answers compared to Trump’s lol and yet he still won.

Biden is likely already rehearsing what he will say on cue while Trump will be hearing the questions for then first time. This just can’t be even considered a debate on any kind of way.

it will be worse than with Hillary and Trump will still win because most people can see this. An unfair debate in its totality.

rehearsed speech from Biden because it’s the only way he can somewhat seem like a sane alert person.

how do democrats see this as a debate at all.
id really like to know.

why trump even accepted this farce is beyond me lol

it won’t matter if he shows up or not won’t because it’s not a debate.

It’s a rehearse Biden speech lol if he doesn’t mumble and slurr and daze off into space it will be a extra points to his rehearsed answers. 😵‍💫

Who takes this seriously? Seriously.🥱

I take this Biden rehearsed speech seriously. I mean “debate”
I won’t be watching it because it’s clearly not a debate.
I know it’s not a debate but I’ll still watch
I whole heartedly believe it’s a debate even when Biden will be rehearsed lol
If I were trump I wouldn’t have accepted this farce of a debate.
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If Biden couldn’t agree to a fair debate, then trump shouldn’t have agreed to a bias debate either.

17 d
Regardless of how bad they will attempt to make trump look, in this very leftist democratic bias “debate” it’s all in Trump’s favor when democratic desperation shows through all the interference of this election. & it’s not just THIS bias debate it’s everything else as a whole.

Biden refusing to have a FAIR debate is not an “excuse” as many Biden supporters are stating in their comments. It’s simply a fact. How they’re coming to call a fact an “excuse” is absurd.

Is anyone here taking the upcoming USA presidential debate seriously?
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