Why should The Right Concede Anything?

So I saw Stephen Colbert getting all weepy about Muh American Values, and it hit me. Why should the Right concede anything, in all...

Terror attacks in France over Prophet's cartoon

1. A history teacher gets beheaded by a Muslim student He showed Prophet's cartoon in a class discussion about freedom of speech. Mr...

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

As juicy as the Biden scandal is (ask in pm for link to the Chinese website that dumped the Hunter Biden laptop material [contains adult...

Observations on Behavior in Dating: A Battle Between the Sexes

This may trigger some people because whether you want to admit it or not, everyone does at least a few of these things when dating. I am...

7.5 Billion Reasons Why You Shouldn't Bet on 2021

Hypothetically, let's say, in December of 2020, all the leading world health organizations announce that there will be a Covid vaccine...

Why a vote for Freedom and Donald J Trump and against Socialism will save America!

WHAT I AM NOT: A Republican or a Democrat WHAT I AM: A Fearless Freedom loving registered Independent American WHO DONALD J TRUMP IS: A...

Does anyone else think this is messed up?

I just saw the 2020 quarter for the first time and it has 2 bats on the back of the quarter. Considering the fact that this "virus"...

How can people be so stupid as to go to parties these days?

Some client is having a party inside a Miami restaurant with up to 60 guests. What kind of morons would go to something like this? Sad

Prid Pro Quo, Bribery, Covering his own ass for a price or other. Top Answers Below: which 3 things will he be tried for.. SURVEY SAYS ?

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-pardon-bribery-scheme-court-case_n_5fc6ce68c5b6c869173c9f92 Justice Department Probed...

How about Armenian in Azerbaijan now?

I mean that war area I know that mood between lose and win and I dont care ruler because I think Azerbaijan may not be a bad country if...

Best conservative youtubers to watch? Any good channels I can check out? What are your favorites?

Mine are the following: 1) Dr Steve Turley (like SERIOUSLY check this one out) 10/10 🔥 2) The Finance Hub 3) Red Eagle Politics 4)...

Now that even Bill Barr says there's no evidence of widespread election fraud, what's next for Trump followers?


What will happen with the great reset?

Leaders across the world have been coming out recently with plans to conduct a "reset" of society where they take complete total power...

How come people bash loser men like me?

I'm short, ugly, no status, no money, shit hair line and so on. It's obvious that I was the ugly loser in middle school. I was the...

Are white people both smarter and dumber than other races?

I dont know if people notice but the smartest people tend to be white (in the sciences, computers, tech department) the dumbest people...

Will there be covid-20, covid-21 etc?

We get seasonal flu shots because the strain mutates but coronaviruses dont mutate as often. Maybe we will need a new rona shot every year.

Don't you think that we should be more logical about how to resolve who won, see additional details?

Don't you think the best approach to the election, is to take Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and have everyone for the next 1-3 months,...

Do you think selling single cigs should be illegal?

Me just sat here watching a documentary to find out this is a thing wasn't even related to the documentary really but some guy there...

Should human gene editing be legal?

There are countless crippling genetic diseases that could be eliminated with genetic engineering, not to mention countless enhancements...

Is western justice too soft?

The fact that rapists and mass murderers get three meals, healthcare and a bed to sleep in makes me furious. Sickos who rape kids and...

Am I bad for not leaving a tip on Fiverr?

I just made my first Fiverr order to get tabs on a guitar solo that I've been wanting to learn. I only spent $5 for a 25 second solo and...

Will white people save black America by raising black babies?

White women knocked up and left to raise black children, white couples raising adopted black children and white grandparents helping...

Is Trump a freaking populist?

Some clueless people think he is but how the heck Trump is a populist when he gave tax cuts to the top 1% and appointed Wall Street...