The Importance of Passions

This is about the importance of expressing one's passions. Not sexual passion, but every other kind of passion - tapping into and...

Why I Can Relate To (And Sympathize With) Joe Biden

I haven’t written a My Take in a while simply because there just hasn’t been anything I’ve been passionate about until now. I’m not on...

Men are not less empathetic than women!

Most of the time, when we think of empathy and emotions, we always see women as having more of it. But why do you think that is? A lot...

We Just Want to Vote Already!

Voter suppression and political corruption is nothing new on a global level. The list and ways in which people have been denied the...

Nope, the social politics of the American civil war cannot be associated with the social politics of American society today

People often try to associate the politics of the civil war with the politics of today. American left wingers just love to paint the...

When do you take your blinders off and realize that this is a disaster waiting to happen and staying on the path of this is not beneficial

So by now it has been reported on every single channel. It is NOT FAKE NEWS, IT IS NOT ANTIFA IT IS NOT BLACK LIVES MATTER... Marching...

Are all these Biden fans really that stupid or just playing?

I'm not even from an english-speaking country and yet I understood what Trump meant by that in his last debate. Everything is retarded...

Why are your going to vote for?

why support Donald Trump, when joe Biden will raise your taxes and ship jobs out of the country. We need higher taxes and fewer jobs.

Why did Trump rip on New York?

We loved him here, we supported him all the way, a true New Yorker Trump represents our city.

What are Americans opinions on this matter?

I am honestly intrigued. Sometimes I wonder if there is passive approval since many claim to be voting this family into power.

Why is public barefooting in India only socially acceptable for beggars ( than awkward moment when you envy this privilege ) READ DETAILS?

That ' s pretty much almost the only time you will see a woman... or person for that matter barefoot on the street in an acceptable way....

Was it all a lie?

These days it's hard not to get conspiratorial and doubt the mainstream message. The media pedals a lot of crap, but just how much is up...

Is Australia a good country to move to?

I’m from the US and if Trump wins again I’m thinking about moving to the Australia.

What did you think of the presidential debate? Did it change your political viewshis?

Yay it wasn't the crapshow it was last time! Trump made some solid points but I think Biden won that personally. I don't support either...

Are any of you livid and sick and tired of so many American politicians getting away with their crimes, thinking they're above the law?

For instance, it pisses me off that there are so MANY concrete evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden getting involved in their scandals with...