The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.


"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

~Abraham Lincoln

  • This mytake is not for the irrational, it not for people who are stupid, and certainly not for those who have been brainwashed into being a Democrat, or Republican. Okay normally I don't even like to point out the flaws to the people in both parties because I like to make the one side squirm and cry when getting into a debate with which ever party they are in. However I am mainly writing this mytake to educate people here and to get my word out.
The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

Brainwashing- Sound familiar? This is one of the common techniques that politicians use to try and get you to vote for them. They only focus on the other candidates negative traits and not any of the positive. Another thing they do is they will blame the last president for all the problems even if that problem did not even occur during that time. Take what happened most recently with Trump. He actually blamed Obama for the Corona virus. Like get real that didn't even exist 4 years ago let alone 8 years ago. Obama did the same thing by blaming Bush for the terrible economy and increases gas prices. Let's take an even in depth further look. They both often send our troops to go to war to countries that is not necessary. Dwight D Eisenhower a republican started a war against Vietnam which we all know was not needed, but then afterword's Lyndon Johnson a Democrat could have pulled out but decided take our military even further out of ego and get more of our people killed for nothing. Bush took us to Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama a Democrat did the same thing if not worse this time. Even committed more drone strikes against Libya than any terrorist group ever has combined. What does he do, he went into Afghanistan as well just like Bush. Both parties love war. Lastly they get you so emotional that instead of looking at the candidate for their actual policies you just vote for their party. It's like a very old school frat party mentality. By the way I don't expect to change Democrat and Republican's view points, because you are so brainwashed you can't see the point I just made. Lastly I see their followers trying to do this to others all the time. Like a pathetic little puppet.

Everything wrong with Republicans

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

Lets start with the most recent, COVID-19. Most republican's still have not accepted the virus as a legit virus. Even when they do they discredit it and don't take it seriously. This is the most "logical" response I have heard and read from them. "It's just a way to persuade people to vote through mail so that the Democrats can rig the election votes". Wow did you catch the big flaw there that I caught? Well I caught two big ones. First of all how paranoid do you have to be and unsure about your candidate? It's basically like another way of finding an excuse for Trump when he loses. The other flaw there is that how do you explain how this has become a worldwide pandemic in other countries then? Check and mate, so that logic has been disproven. Lastly lets take a look back from a couple years ago from anti vaxxers. Lastly we all know the majority of them are against the COVID-19 virus. Most of them don't even believe its a real virus. They will make up their own statistic where even the CDC has mentioned that it has a higher death rate than the flu. Flue virus has only about a 0.1% death rate where as COVID-19 has about 4%.. Regardless of to what extent they believe it to their mindsets are very dangerous. They always go to one side of the extreme in their beliefs. Weather that is on taxes, welfare, healthcare, or abortions. They only believe in scientific facts that fit their political criteria. Which is a common method to brainwashing. They dont' believe in global warming because some even go as far as to say that is a snow job by Obama. Others say Al gore thought of it when in reality Al gore only made the recognition of global warming famous, but global warming has been discovered since the 1950's.

Everything wrong with Democrats

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

Democrats should actually be ashamed to use a donkey as their symbol. As donkey's are actually very cute and beautiful creatures and that is not what a democrat is. They are the opposite. They are vial, disgusting, putrid beings. Wow where to even begin with these leftist morons. Okay well again lets start off with the most recent of events. The COVID-19 pandemic. They actually take the virus seriously which is great. Now do they actually take safely precautions because they are actually following what the scientist are saying or as a political agenda? Now I can't 100% prove this, but lets rewinds a couple years back. Remember the anti vaxxers movement where all these people just came out of the woodwork and pulled this pseudoscience(fake) out of their ass about how getting vaccine shots are bad? Their most common fear is that it can potentially cause autism which there is no proof of that. I remembered a few years back there was case in Minnesota where parents were actually able to pass a bill and have the right to choose not to vaccinate their kids. Then a few months in they started getting measles's, chicken pox, mumps, etc. It had to come down do that for them to finally go back and reverse the law. So as you can see there is not that much of a difference when it comes to the two parties. Here are stats showing that the anti vaxxer movement came from the democrats actually.

Some places say its more Republican's who are now and other sources say its more Democrats. Either way we can both agree that both parties have this extreme irrational paranoid fear of vaccinations. So see not that much a difference. I will cover their similarities in another section. Anyways they like to pretend they are open minded when in reality they are not. Just like Republican's they want all or nothing for groups. For example their mind set is to even let illegal immigrants into this country which can also be a bad thing. They think everyone should qualify for welfare, want to cut taxes for too many things which is obviously a bad thing etc. Moderation is not in their vocabulary. Lastly they don't follow science for everything only for things that fit their agenda just like Republicans. Sorry science just does not work like. For instance they believe in global warming but for the wrong reasons but then make up like a million different genders and sexual orientations which is just ridiculous.

Their similarities

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

Now earlier i mentioned how they have a lot of similarities. Lets recap here. Democrats are not for better healthcare. We saw what happened with Obama Care which was a travesty. So just like Republican's they want our healthcare to remain the same way. Why should you vote for two parties with that mindset? Ewww GROSS. Bernie was seen as too extreme for the Democrats because he actually wanted a change in healthcare. CNN totally ripped him so that's why I will be glad if Biden loses out of spite. He was the first actual third party politician who stood a chance or got as far as he did during the primaries. They are also similar because they both dont actually follow science 100% of the way. When I say science I mean things that have been proven without a shadow of a doubt constantly producing the same exact results through every single experiment. Take the flat earth theory people who belong to both parties still believe the Earth is flat. Take the anti vaxxers from a few years back like I mentioned earlier. You saw that both parties are anti vaxxers. They both want to cut taxes but for certain things for their own agenda. I.e one wants to cut taxes for the rich and tax more of the middle class and poor. The other wants tax the rich even more. Yet they both have one common mindset that the middle class should be taxed the same amount. They love to screw the middle man. Again moderation is not in their vocabulary. They both support welfare and socialisms. Don't believe me? Here is a fact for yeah they both support welfare. I don't care what you Republicans say about being against welfare case you have never seen Trump or Bush make a speech or try to pass a law to get rid of welfare or at least change it. So yes he supports it. Oh here is proof he does. He used to be a Democrat for 10 years and that is one of the few liberal ideologies he has kept. The only difference is that one party knows what socialism is and supports most of it where as the other party the Republicans dont know what it is and support most of socialism. Take social security 401k benefits for instance. Another socialist idea.


The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

We need to have different political parties or at the very least change the requirements of how you can vote. Remember the democratic party and Republican party didn't even exist until 1792. People didn't even follow the Democratic party until 1828 and didn't follow the Republican party until 1854. So to say not having these two parties is non American is just pure idiotic.

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

Parties can change and it's time for a change. We need to get rid of most of the third parties too because most of them are a bunch of posers pretending to have third party belief's when it reality they are not. Take the green party from the left side for example.

Tell me about your feelings and how much I hurt them. Because I don't care. Let's truly make America great again. When I get into debates with people in real life about politics and on GAG this is how I feel like in this video skit... lol.

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.
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  • Conspiracy_Theorist
    “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man. Let me explain what I mean by the white liberal. In America there is no such thing as Democrat or Republican anymore. In America you have liberals and conservatives. The only people living in the past who think in terms of I’m a Democrat or Republican, is the American Negro. He’s the one that runs around bragging about party affiliation. He’s the one that sticks to the Democrat or sticks to the Republican. But white people are divided into two groups, liberals and conservative. The Democrats who are conservative, vote with the Republicans who are conservative. The Democrats who are liberal vote with the Republicans that are liberal. The white liberal aren’t white people who are for independence, who are moral and ethical in their thinking. They are just a faction of white people that are jockeying for power. The same as the white conservative is a faction of white people that are jockeying for power. They are fighting each other for power and prestige, and the one that is the football in the game is the Negro, 20 million black people. A political football, a political pawn, an economic football, and economic pawn. A social football, a social pawn. The liberal elements of whites are those who have perfected the art of selling themselves to the Negro as a friend of the Negro. Getting sympathy of the Negro, getting the allegiance of the Negro, and getting the mind of the Negro. Then the Negro sides with the white liberal, and the white liberal use the Negro against the white conservative. So that anything that the Negro does is never for his own good, never for his own advancement, never for his own progress, he’s only a pawn in the hands of the white liberal. The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros, and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked, or deceived by the white liberal then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man. The only way that our problem will be solved is when the black man wakes up, clean himself up, stand on his own feet and stop begging the white man, and take immediate steps to do for ourselves the things that we have been waiting on the white man to do for us. Once we do for self then we will be able to solve our own problems’ "The white conservatives aren't friends of the Negro either, but they at least don't try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the "smiling" fox. One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.” - Malcom X
    Is this still revelant?
    • blondfrog

      So according to you I am the black negro because I am against both lol. I am not one for off the wall theories and there is certain truth to your statements you could apply that to any ethnicity or race. Also don't talk down to me buddy. Just cause I am originally from Iraq does not mean you know more about America than me. I've been living in America for 24 years. You could apply that to any other race and ethnicity. Look at Kurdistan in North of Iraq. They kept on rallying on Americans to give them their own country and originally it was the UK. The reason you see it that way is because blacks are the most common minority in America. When you deal with dirty politicians they make you think about race or ethnicity but they just care about who gives them the most votes. That is who they will side with. Either way I don't know why you are disagreeing with me because I am against both parties.

    • It’s from malcom x you imbecile

    • Did you not read the ending you fucking idiot?

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  • TremorJay
    I like this because it criticizes both sides and offers an alternative. Although, I'm not sure if that alternative is realistic. In the end, we will still be stuck living with people that are not so bright, and people who like to get emotionally charged, and therefore take on roles as activists.

    What we need, is competent individuals who are capable of navigating the new social spaces that these people live in. More rules and regulations on the media, who are responsible for influencing them. Restrictions on the right to vote is something I would consider, but many would see that as unjust. I'm kinda on the fence. How do you tell a nation that we are going to restrict voting based on the idea that they are collectively making stupid decisions? It's like the gov. saying "y'all are dumb, let me do it"
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    • TremorJay

      Great quote by Abe Lincoln too

    • blondfrog

      Yeah true I agree 100%. As far as the voting restriction goes yeah I went overboard on that one and got a little emotional myself lol. Maybe at least give them an IQ test even though I know plenty of smart people who are effected by choosing the wrong political side. So that proves its more emotional state of mind. I think like you and I said as well that the media plays a big factor in getting people to think emotionally instead of logically.

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  • Virgo31
    As a person who hates both parties, I’d say this deserves a gold star ⭐️. Now you made very good points through this whole thing but sadly it won’t change much in people’s heads. They’ll just take certain things and call the other party out and most likely say, “Yeah the Democrats are the antivaxxers!” Or “Stupid Republicans never follow the science this is proof!” But nonetheless great job!
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    • blondfrog

      Thank you, I am glad your this young too. Maybe your generation could teach us something. I sure hope so. There is nothing wrong with change as long as its for the better.

    • I doubt it she'll just become another triggered feminazi the moment she steps foot into college with all the wonderful indoctrination of communist ideology they fill your head with.

    • Virgo31

      @Jimmytoogood whatever lol

  • douride2
    . I got as far as the title & I just kind of skimmed over the rest of this. You know I am kind of sensitive. LOL. Honestly though I feel the same about most of what you said here. We have very similar issues here in Canada & we already have 3 major political parties.
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    • blondfrog

      Yeah I don't think having an extra 3rd party would help. A better route is just to get rid of the main ones and then start new ones over while doing a better job of educating the majority of the consensus. Is your free health care good or is it overrated? Like say if your insurance doesn't cover something do you still have to pay out of pocket or doe insurance cover everything?

    • douride2

      It's not really free. Our tax dollars pay for it. It covers most things but it takes for ever to get in to see a specialist. I waited almost 3 years to see an orthopedic surgeon then another 3 years to get surgery.

    • douride2

      If I had the money to spend I could have crossed the border to the US and had it done in a couple of months.

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  • Sevenpointfive
    i saw 3 points i'd like to address:

    1. Healthcare reform is the reason for the pandemic. i don't know who created covid-19 but they are trying to justify it by selling insurance
    2. Trump was trying to get rid of socialist fundings when he got his presidency. I applauded that even if it meant i don't get certain benefits. I'm not stupid, but most of the money spent on socialist programs is for stupid people
    3. Why is the conservative not the level headed on the ballot?
    • blondfrog

      Saying he tried is not enough. You can actually search for certain bills the president has actually tried to pass. There is a way to track is his record and to see how far the bill went. None of this followers tried to pass a bill either. Go check, there is no record showing it went to the three branches. Judicial. Legislative, and Executive. To me trying is putting in a physical effort and not just talking about it. The president even when a bill gets pass that he didn't bring up can still get passed and he gets to decide if he gets to veto that bill or not. The president has a huge influence on weather or not a bill get passed or not. So I simply do not believe that he tried. Trump did not do a single thing in the 3 and half years he has been president for healthcare. He was just left things as is and kept Obama care as an option. The only thing he really did was make Obama Care not mandatory anymore but still kept it as an option.

    • that's only half correct. he tried to alter the healthcare system to budget cut at the expense of social systems. i agreed with that. i think a lot of people did too because it means less taxes

    • blondfrog

      Either way is it enough to make a difference? Let me see your last hospital bill.

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  • scarlett774
    Damn your a true independent. And I sort of agree on what you said, both parties have their flaws and need to start getting along for actual change to happen.
    • blondfrog

      Yep and that's another reason its a good idea to just get rid of the two parties. They are dividing this country even further.

    • This is why I cannot stand independents. First of all you people never vote to begin with so don't you ever complain about our political process. Second you absolutely fail to understand all of the fake news, the brain washing and indoctrination in both public schools and universities like Harvard, all the left leaning viewpoints being put into movies in a so not subtle way over the last 4 years, liberals losing their minds the moment someone has a difference of political opinion, and of course how could you not forget the fucking censorship of every single republican over the last 4 years each year getting worse and worse but now is out of control. I am so tired of you fucking retards who have the audacity to sit their and bitch and moan about us being divided but don't slap two brain cells together to figure out why. With you retards it's always just "DURR ABLOISH THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM DURR" Fucking idiot

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    All I can say is I believe that there should be more than one political party that gets notices and has political ads published on TV.. What about the Libertarian and the Independents?
    • blondfrog

      Exactly, but will that ever happen with these two parties? They have too much power and they need to be discontinued. The best 3rd party votes too is change the tide of the votes towards to either the Republican or Democratic party. Last elections 3rd party voters only came up to a total of 6.7% and that was combining every 3rd party.

  • hellionthesagereborn
    Covid has a survival rate of over 99% for almost all groups except 74 and up which have a survival rate of 94%. 6% of the deaths attributed to covid are actually due to covid. 70% of those who contracted covid stated they always wore a mask, 14% said they mostly wore a mask. Those numbers come from the CDC and the "experts" themselves (and your free to go to their website and do the research yourself (twitter has been censoring all the links to the CDC site referencing these numbers so its not gotten as much traction as other claims). So those who site those are correct (the only thing you can argue is that the CDC is lying or their methodology is wrong which no one so far has done or been able to prove.).

    So questioning this is perfectly reasonable based upon scientific data and the information we have available.

    Anthropogenic climate change is provable false on mulitple levels based upon scientific data.
    Well this is the 300 atmospheric scientists who disagree:

    Here is the links showing NOAA lied about data:

    Here are links showing that we have had more CO2 in the past and antarctic ice is growing:
    • Here are links showing that its natural:

      So that is a collection of published journals, NASA data, proof that climate change is not man made, evidence of sever tampering and corruption etc. etc.

    • betaTester

      nice "sources" lmao
      What you are doing is a perfect example of the reverse scientific method:
      1. have a biased conclusion
      2. spend days and nights accumulating the data supporting your conclusion
      3. discard all research that contradict your conclusion
      4. claim "therefore Anthropogenic climate change is provable false on mulitple levels based upon scientific data"

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  • sawno
    *Sigh* You are claiming both sides are being brainwashed and yet show all the signs of being brainwashed yourself on many topics or at least not having encountered actual recent facts. You are doing yourself a major disservice here because the premise that neither party really puts the citizens first and just trick you into voting for the same thing over and over is mostly true and america needs more proper populist party's to form and grow big.

    The wuhan flu is very real, but the chance of getting the deadly symptoms is very limited especially under a good immune system and not being exposed to highly infected area's for to long. Its not the killer virus it once was made out to be and back then people myself included were warning because of potential while actively seeking answers to critical questions. Which have all been answered.

    Case fatality is super low unless people have compromised immune systems common in older groups (Lack of Zinc especially)
    You can find a lot of data out there that its just a mild flu unless you got an immune system weakness. Most republicans dont think there is nothing, they just think its much more mild and managable which is true.The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.Then there is the whole climate change hoax, sure the climate changes but it has little to do with the CO2 and the impact that CO2 has won't be a problem until a very long time if nature doesn't compensate on its own.The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.The climate change hoax is based on an aggregate of predictions, even the lowest prediction of the aggregate rises above reality. So its a complete hoax argument to fund a radical climate change agenda designed to produce energy less efficiently and much more expensively to funnel wealth away from the ordinary citizen into the pockets of big corporations and lobby groups. It makes no sense for my own country that we are transitioning from clean earth gas to burning tree's, but its considered green by these agreements so we burn more CO2, polute way more and deforest for the sake of a transition. Actual energy efficient means are banned, so nuclear is out of the question in these.

    So its time you open your own eyes and listen to the people warning us.
    • blondfrog

      If you think that's the only cause of global warming and that just cause it slowly happens then you are wrong. There is way more to global warming causes then just that. Our ozone layer is damaged, using a lot of greenhouse effects damages the environment and trashing and polluting our waters causes quick gradual effects. You are the brainwashed puppet that belongs to the right wing party I was talking about. I don't really thing naming and changing parties will make a difference but I guess its normal average common human nature to go to one side of the extreme and turn into a radical. We just need to cause and allow harsher restrictions in letting who is allowed to vote.

    • sawno

      Show me evidence on the contrary then.
      I am all for efficient less polluting energy but we have to be realistic and actually have a good solution. We need thorium power plants for example, those are good solutions. Not flooding nature with tree burning, solar panels that can't break down easily and bird choppers that need to be replaced every 20 years.

    • sawno

      And if we are going to change voting criteria it should be 3 years after you had a chance to form independant thought. So people currently brainwashed in university's are not allowed to vote because that artifically amplifies the vote of the teachers. Other than that everyone should get a chance to vote in their lifetime.

  • betaTester
    @hellionthesagereborn is a textbook example of a science denier. Everyone should learn from this example.

    I was not even making any "argument" for or against "man made climate change". I simply pointed out the following facts from his posts:

    1. His sources are mostly biased sites that promote conspiracy and pseudo science

    Geez, look at the funding, lol

    2. There is a consensus in climate science. And they say the opposite of what his "sources" are saying:
    If someone has no prior bias about the topic, the first thing they would do is search the the terms, and they would reach the sites
    and read
    "Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree*: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities"

    then they would spend more time reading the actual scientific research referenced there.
    E. g

    Not this guy, he actually managed to dodge all the publications of 97% of the active climate scientists across the world, and reached the conspiracy sites. The only way one could do that is by starting with a biased conclusion, cherry pick the sources, discard vast majority of published research and accumulate only the sources that support the initial conclusion. Then conclude
    "therefore Anthropogenic climate change is provable false on mulitple levels based upon scientific data"

    This is what I called the reverse scientific method. Through this method he has accumulated 30 links, or so he told me. I mean, does anyone have enough time to read through his 30 links 😂 ?

    I only have time to go through a link that looks like it's from a reliable source. here is the result:
    • betaTester

      It was a news article from 2015:

      The actual research is this

      They estimated thickness of ice by measuring distance of lasers from satellites reflected on ice surface. They basically say East Antarctica is gaining ice mass. The science deniers conclude "therefore, Antarctica is gaining ice!" lol

      At this point one should realize people like this guy don't read the research at all, they just parrot the news article that came with it. Even the author of the aforementioned research called them out:

      "I know some of the climate deniers will jump on this... It should not take away from the concern about climate warming"

      Here is the progress of research on glacier ice after 2015:
      "In both cases, gains in East Antarctica are smaller than losses in West Antarctica"
      related news

      Subsequent research showed the gain in East Antarctica from the Zwally study was overestimated

      This was his response: "Okay so a person has an opinion and that completely invalidates the data? That is a poor argument, you can do better then that" 😂

      No, 97 percent of actively publishing climate scientists isn't a person's opinion lol

    • betaTester

      I merely pointed out the facts above and he called me a "leftist", lol
      He apparently also learned to parrot words such as "Ad hominem". He actually thinks I was using "Ad hominem" when I literally explained, twice, why his thinking is backwards (the reverse scientific method). He himself wrote "your a far leftist" when the facts were not even political. We can appreciate the irony here. Next he will tell me using brain means "your a far leftist".

      The guy is claiming NOAA lied about their data, I'm not about to spend time on this rabbit hole, a cursory google search point you to this site

      Once again he tries to turn this issue into American Politics. I have the impression that this guy literally only consumes US political news. I hope he doesn't call himself a "climate skeptic" because it would be quite shameless for someone who has not read or understood a single research paper on climate science to call himself a climate skeptic, I mean, not even the paper he was parroting.

      From my time reading stuffs people wrote on sites like this for shits and giggles, the funny thing I have noticed is, I don't how how bad the "Left" is, but the most stupid things I have read on here are always from the people who despise the Left. I mean just look at this question. Browsing this site might have the effect of converting anyone with basic literacy in science to the "Left".

    • betaTester

      Back to the science. Looking at the references of Wikipedia you will find recently this model

      was able to simulate the past 3 million years of natural climate variability. I don't think there is another model with this level of accuracy. It also predicts that CO2 emissions since the industrial revolution were so large that they will disturb the natural ice age cycles for tens of thousands of years to come because of the very long legacy of our fossil CO2 in the atmosphere.

      There's also this article

      "Our results suggest that the current CO2 concentration is unprecedented over the past 3 million years and that global temperature never exceeded the preindustrial value by more than 2°C during the Quaternary"

      Translation: these guys are saying Human CO2 emissions have already so massively disturbed the natural climate cycles that within the last hundred years they have more than undone the previous 5000 years of natural cooling due to the precession cycle, and global temperature is now already higher than at any time in the Holocene and thus the entire history of human civilization.

      Note that these guys are not even American, next the denier will tell us NOAA the American agency is manipulating all these independent research institutes across the world lol

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  • bamesjond0069
    you're right and wrong. No republicans think the virus is fake wtf? It has a 99.~% survival rate. So very similar to the flu. So why would i wear a mask and stay inside? Never did it before for the flu and im not going to do it now.

    That being said yeah i dont agree with some stuff Republicans as a group are into however i agree with nothing that the democrats as a whole are for, so its quite clear cut for me at this time.
    • blondfrog

      Your going to one side of the extreme again, that's not healthy. Oh yeah it has a 96% survival not 99%.

    • Lmfao you think 4 out of every 100 people die? Are you nuts? Literally no science liberal conservative or otherwise supports that. Sounds like youve been brainwashed to me. All the science supports what im saying. Yet people like you and the media and some doctors (not all) read the same fucking report and then spout shit like what you just said. Rotflmfao thats some serious brainwashing.

  • jshm2
    You used a lot of words to say nothing, kid.

    No wonder you have mental issues.
    • blondfrog

      I dont have mental issues retard. Your generation killed millions of people

  • Syrian_survivor
    Why you discriminate against stupid people I cry man
  • Dave31989
    yeah, nice try bub

  • WowwGirl
    Nicely done
  • SavageGirl101
    PERIODTTTTT u ain't wrong glad imma liberal 😌👏
  • DiegoO
    I guess you are libertarian.
    • blondfrog

      That's not what a libertarian is. Maybe you should learn to read.

  • Anonymous
    What if I'm stupid and insensitive.