The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history


As juicy as the Biden scandal is (ask in pm for link to the Chinese website that dumped the Hunter Biden laptop material [contains adult content] and I will provide it) I'm more excited to see people realize they have been lied to about the "pandemic" since the start. Didn't you think the timing was oddly convenient for those desperately smearing Trump? Let's look at some data. They keep telling us that Trump has killed over 200,000 Americans with a brand new disease. If this is true, we should see a spike in deaths this year.

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

As you can see, we haven't experienced a growth in death rate since 2018. So are we to believe that covid killed 200K extra people, and that the same amount neglected to die from other causes? Some of us smelled something fishy from the start, and being spoonfed info simply wouldn't do, we wanted to find the truth ourselves - so let's talk about diagnosis code U07.1 and how hospitals were heavily incentivised lie about patient illness.

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

This means that without any testing, a patient can be "presumed" to have Covid-19, which brings the hospital money. One hospital might get 9K for one diagnosis, others less or more. Even worse, if they manage to convince you to get put on a ventilator, they get 30K (some less, others more.) This a very dangerous procedure that should only be done by aged, experienced doctors, yet in New York they had 23 year old "Fellows" (not docs) putting relatively healthy patients on them, turning their lungs into sauce in their body and killing them. With elective surgeries being restricted, hospitals would go BANKRUPT. Take it from a guy who worked security at a hospital and saw how dead it was on the proposed "front lines of a war zone" during peak outbreak. So what to do, other than bring in Covid funding from the government? So now we have hospitals lying about illness to save their own necks, but are they the only ones lying? Of course not. The media have been lying to us about crucial issues for as long as they've been around. "The Pacific" tried to warn people about the rise of Hitler, but they had discredited themselves with lies so often that no one took them seriously. Let's look at some CDC data.

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

Notice the line highlighted in gray. Would you learn this by watching mainstream news? Hell no, because it pokes a massive hole in their narrative. If you doubt that globalist organizations would lie to the world, just think about other things they are willing to do. Because of our fearful knee-jerk global reaction to the plandemic, 295 million people face acute starvation instead of 135 million. 10s of millions of pounds of food have gone to waste, countless farms and small businesses have closed. Old people are dying alone without being able to say goodbye to their families. People in Australia are being arrested for going to the park, or having small gatherings. Suicide rates are skyrocketing along with domestic abuse. Psychological operations designed to cause riots and unrest are working magnificently. They nearly destroyed our economy and over 30 developing Countries may never recover. THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE.

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

Crazy that they knew about Covid-19 years in advance, no?

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

Look at that survival rate per age group. Your chances of dying (once you've tested positive) if you are under 20 is 0.0001% and if you are ancient its 0.093%. Now imagine what the numbers would be if no one could lie. But why would they do this, you ask? This is where I have to stray away from hard data and we get into the realm of theory. Without getting into the very long conversation of why I believe this, I think we are being groomed for multiple things, one is acceptance of a mandatory vaccine that will also serve as a data chip that tracks you and everything you put in your body. The other is martial law without them ever having to call it that. Most importantly they want us to believe that Trump is unfit to be our president, because they are terrified of another 4 years of a president who won't stick to their script and be controlled. No wars in the Middle East means the Deepstate can't make money, and thats a huge problem so...Orange man bad! I'll be amazed if G@G lets this post, they've censored me before. This subject has also gotten me banned from multiple social media outlets, I wonder why?

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history
The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    I mean I was saying this was bullshit from the start, pointing out the comorbidity issue, the fact that they can list it as covid without testing etc. Also the whole covid is going to kill us all if we don't social distance unless we are looting and rioting as a leftist group in which case covid will leave you alone because "reasons", was also a dead give away.
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  • joeldalton
    Some countries count it as a covid death if you had covid up to even 30 days prior.
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  • tartaarsaus
    1. It’s not that difficult to find excessive deaths at basically the start of the pandemic, i. e. March/April of 2020. It depends a bit between countries (different countries handle the pandemic in a better way than others), but generally speaking, excessive deaths exceed 0. That means that extra people died than normal at a time where a pandemic happened. Given that we know the virus is a) deadly to some groups, b) it was present in a substantial part of the population and c) the treatment was relatively poor, it’s quite likely it’s down to the virus.

    2. Yes, a large part of the victims of COVID-19 had underlying issues. Now, does that imply that COVID-19 played no role or is no health issue? Nope.

    Say that someone is obese at 65 years old, they probably have like 10 years left to live. However, if they die at 66, they clearly lost 9 years of their expected life. If deadly outcome of underlying issues is accelerated by an exogenous factor, that exogenous factor is still problematic. Also, lots of non-deadly problems have been seen (though more extensive research is typically needed), such as heart damage, lung damage. Death counts do not necessarily say enough.

    3. The risk of covid extents further than merely death. Given that people end up in hospital in greater numbers in these days, the risk is also that regular healthcare is crowded out by covid care. Case in point, cancer diagnosis has gone down by 8k in the Netherlands. Does that mean covid can be ignored? No, it means that the high presence of covid has meant that hospitals have no choice but to forego treating other things.

    4. The economy will turn out just fine in the long run, just like all the other effects will probably have some scarring effects, but nothing completely destructive. Humanity has experienced far worse and survived. I mean, we have seen that after the complete demise of the German and Japanese economy (in Germany due to JCS 1067) they have thrived quite quickly afterwards. Experiences from the Second World War have shown that economies can recover incredibly quickly with sufficient money (which tends to be less of an issue in a lot of countries) and time. Sure, it’ll suck for the next handful years in terms of economic damage but with some time it’ll be fine. It’s nonsense to argue the economy is being destroyed.
    • I mean, the population (in logarithmic) of Hiroshima and Nagasaki recovered within 10-15 years after being nuked. Given that population within a given area tends to be taken as a reasonable proxy for economic activity, they reasonably recovered within 10 years of literally being nuked.

      Clearly the economic damage of covid (which typically hits specific industries such as restaurants) is not at all comparable to a large share of your industrial base being wiped out, like happened in Germany/Japan.

    • Also lmao, so the entire world is faking a pandemic to bully Trump? 😂😂😂 perhaps, you know, it would be easier for nations that have very good relations with Trump (such as Israel) to just decide that covid is not actually a problem and go on with their lives?

      But nope. Israel has completely locked down twice. Why would they do such a thing if they really really really really like Trump and the reason countries take measures is to bully Trump?

      And “Jew bad man” is not a decent argument here.

    • Whenever there is a massive hoax like 9/11, it isn't to achieve ONE goal. There are many, and I explained them in the post, I didn't say it was ONLY to make Trump look bad. There is a globalist society making a worldwide power grab as we speak, I don't really care if you're too blind to see it. They aren't after Trump, they are after US, he is just in the way

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  • FictionalCharacter
    I’ve been saying this months ago and I’ve had thumbs down 👎🏻 by multiple users on here. And death wishes on my family members cause of my opinion and beliefs.

    NOW, those same users are changing their beliefs 🙄
    • lol yep, one guy got on this post just to wish that my whole family falls ill and that he blocked and reported me. These people are filled with hate and fear, therefore they cannot think logically, make their own opinions, or spread the virtues they claim to harbor like peace and love. The media has installed fear and hate as their new virtues, so that is what they spread like the good media pawns that they are

  • AllieOops
    Why would someone create a hoax that destroyed the economy, raised the National debt, caused mass unemployment, caused people to lose their homes and businesses, and ruined everyone's social life and closed down schools? To what end would this be done and by who? It would take more than a couple of people to pull this one off. If true it is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on this planet.
    • Because the Globalist Bankers that loan us money via the federal reserve need a president that will continue their profit wars in the Middle East. Past presidents all pretended that they would bring peace to the Middle East but what they actually did was drop more and more bombs with each new president. We finally have a POTUS that won't play their game, so they are doing everything within their power, legal or otherwise, to prevent a second term. And their plan is working better than i thought, how many idiots do you see on here screeching about what Trump has done to the Country?

    • goaded

      The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

    • @goaded Funny how you guys like to point out that Trump inherited a good economy from Obama, but the wars he adopted from him are somehow his fault. Under the Trump administration there have been no new wars started, and historic peace deals are being brokered. When was the last time you heard democrat politicians or news outlets say "Peace in the middle east?" If Obama had been doing this, they would be worshipping him for it. Trump is actually doing it, and we hear crickets. Does this mean we should stop destroying the Taliban? Not really. Fuck Islamic extremists, they are human garbage. That being said, I would rather take them out from the sky then with our troops on the ground whenever possible, I'd much rather there only be 8,000 (or better yet, none) troops on the ground then 100,000 like when Obama was president. And don't just look at Afghanistan, the Middle East is a big place

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  • Kaneki05
    They do mess with the deaths and say shit like covid did this death when it had nothing to do with it. But it's not really a hoax is covid it's still a deadly version of the common flu which still manage to kill people every year so duh this one is gonna kill a lot of people too and is a problem. And it's defo not a hoax ageist trump lmao. It's just news likes to click-bait everything won't click-bait enough if they say well actually only this amount actually died from it but that's every news.

    But it's still a big enough problem for the rest of the world governments to worry about it and i asure you not every country all got to gather to fake the problems covid causes to just make trump look bad. Smh.
    And yes there is always some group profiting from a disaster that's not really anything knew.
    Also if your gonna question the smear tactics ageist trump also question those ageist biden. Because both sides smear each other and in reality we cannot trust much of each side and if you were smart you would know that to be true. And tbh kinda funny no matter if your left or right they can both agree on one thing the government does indeed lie and cannot be that much trusted.
    • A hoax by definition is a malicious deception. When I say the pandemic is a hoax I am not denying the existence of death or disease

    • Kaneki05

      Nothing malicious really. Just typical clickbait that happens with everything. Unless were gonna call everything a hoax. But that brings meaningless to the word.

    • Nothing malicious? You need to look into the damage that was done by shut downs, and be sure to differentiate in your mind the affects of the virus and the affects of the shutdowns, as they are only interlinked by deception. Had the media never uttered the word covid-19, SARS, and had no masks been mandated, you and I would have ZERO clues that there is a pandemic. Could the same be said for the Spanish flu? FUCK NO.

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  • Gedaria
    A lot of people are dieing around the world.
    Not interested in your figures. You can manipulate what you want but you make out no has died.
    Ask the people bin New York who have boost people to it.
    Here in UK people have died from it.
    • People die, that is not a new phenomenon. 55 million in 2015. I'm telling the truth, not changing it.

    • Gedaria

      I'm not saying people do die it is the amount of them die from covid-19...

    • Did you actually read anything in my post? You're really talking about a high death rate in covid when the data is right in your face?

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  • WindAtMyBack
    What we are being told is very misleading, but it is FAR from being a hoax. The virus is real and it's a very nasty virus. I totally disagree with shut downs. I totally disagree with all the media hype. But it is NOT a hoax. The question is not whether it's real or not. The questions is not whether it's a nasty virus or not. The question is about the proper response. The question is whether the cure is worse than the disease.

    "Some of us smelled something fishy from the start"

    Yes, something was fishy from the start, before any known cases left China. But fishy does not mean hoax. China is obviously lying, by a LOT. But that does not make it a hoax. China actually downplayed it, not the other way around.

    I admit I only read a small part of what you said. But as soon as I see what amounts to lying with statistics, I stop reading.
    • Lying with stats? All i did was share them from the sources people seem to hold so dear. that isn't lying

    • You did more than share stats from sources. You did a whole lot of writing about it. Raw data does not lie. It's the interpretation and presentation that lies.

      I'm not going to go through point by point. But at a glance I see several things wrong with what you are saying.

      I think the virus has been majorly over played. But that does not make it a hoax. Hoax implies some kind of conspiracy. The problem withe every conspiracy theory I've ever seen is that they make no sense. The question of why anyone would do it is never answered in any rational way. That includes the idea of C19 being a hoax. There is absolutely no rational reason for it.

  • It is absolutely amazing how many stupid people we have in the world who are blinded and don’t have the brain to comprehend this.
    Love this take!
  • 888theGreat
    And people that get hit by a car and die goes as Covid death. You say how? Because trying to avoid other people that might have Covid, he steps in front of car. This is liberal logic and it is scary.
  • Massageman
    Such as counting every case- no matter where COVID falls in the COD, and contributing factor, chalking the death automatically to COVID isn't Kosher. Maybe they had sunburn- did they include radiation poisoning? I don't think so either.
  • IlluminatiExposed0
    The problem is excess mortality. In some countries (*cough*England*cough*) the excess mortality at the peak of the first wave was over 50%. The system isn't designed to cope with that, and many countries had done no forward planning although some similar outbreak has long been predicted.
    • Funny then that the hospitals were ghost houses during peak outbreak. You dont think the globalists and governments would lie?

  • havingfun101
    Officials in Washington have admitted that gunshot victims are included in the coronavirus death count.
  • Bandit74
    The macros trends website specifically says:
    "NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus."
  • kespethdude
    I hope your family gets infected with it, TrumPtard. Blocked and reported.
  • goaded
    Perhaps you should look at some appropriate figures. This year, the third largest cause of death in the US will be covid-19, behind Heart Disease and Cancer.

    In the graph below, the orange line is not the expected number of deaths, it's the point at which normal variation in the numbers are extremely unlikely to be coincidence/accident. Every week since the last in March has comfortably exceeded that level.
    Excess deaths in the US
    Excess deaths in the US
    Besides, I thought Trump never said it was a hoax. Was he wrong?
    • Yeah, thats if you count all those "covid related deaths" as caused by covid. I just gave you several reasons not to do that

    • goaded

      No, you didn't. You made a bunch of ridiculous assertions, like "we should see a spike in deaths this year.", when we have (see the graph), that the covid-19 deaths were the same number as the people who "neglected to die from other causes", (see the graph), that doctors are trying to make money by misdiagnosing covid-19, although doctors have been furloughed or otherwise lost money because of the pandemic (not to mention all the medical staff who have died of it), the idea that the CDC hadn't been reporting that 95% of deaths had a comorbidity since May. No riots or years' worth of suicides have ever killed a quarter of a million Americans, hell, the second world war killed fewer than twice that.

      Then you get to the full-on conspiracy theories: "Psychological operations designed to cause riots and unrest are working magnificently."

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  • msc545
    Right. 230,000 dead Americans and you think it's a hoax. Bullshit. You must have failed statistics.
  • captain_voidwalker
    Like I've been saying it's just a mild flu