Do you think if fighting was mixed sexes women would win?

Here is the question, if males could fight females in MMA who would win most of the time?

1. Rules the same as current mma rules (no groin attacks, men get to wear protection, weight classes)

2. No rules or protections (all groin attacks are allowed, no groin guards at all BUT of the same weight class so not like a massive guy vs small girl)

Who do you think would win out of those scenarios and how would it go down?
Guys would win because...
Girls would win because
Girls would win but only if guys couldn't wear cups and groin attack were legal because...
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Just an update... I did not expect so many answers to this question, thank you for all of your input! Very interesting!

To answer some common things on here..

1 my brother is my twin so he is literally the exact same age as me and I think is slightly stronger overall but it still doesn't compensate for the fact that when I kick him in the nuts he crumbles (kind of what sparked this question

2 everyone is saying "guys are bigger" yes.. on average but if it is the same weight class then no?
Do you think if fighting was mixed sexes women would win?
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