Is Biden fit to serve when he can't seem to remember how long he was vice president?

Is this a sign of on-coming dementia? Heaven help us if Harris takes over.
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What is your or are favorite/s theme song/s from a tv show?

Who's the Boss A-Team The Fall Guy All That In Living...
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Plumbing knowledge anyone?

So my kitchen sink doesn't drain right, I know what the problem is, I don't know how to fix it without redoing the piping all the way through under my house. Whenever I run the water for a while in my kitchen sink it...
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Do you think Chad is right?

Was watching Monday's episode of Stu Doe America; and he was interviewing Chad Prather about his new book. When he made this comment about people on social media. So do you feel...
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Do Others Here Agree that the Film "The Thirteenth Floor" was Much Better than "The Matrix"? They came out during the same year, but while virtually everyone remembers 'The Matrix', what is (in my opinion anyway) a much better film is often ignored and forgotten.
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Anyone else still watch WWE, specifically this weeks Monday Night Raw?

I started back watching Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw this month. I also saw NXT. I quit for a while cause Total Divas showed how they practice the fights and it ruined the “authenticity” of it that i liked...
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Eric Smith to be released, what do you think?

Eric M. Smith murdered four-year-old Derrick Robie in 1993, as Robie walked through a park on his way to summer camp in Steuben County, New York. Robie was walking alone when Smith lured him into woods near the boy’s home...
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When taken and someone starts flirting with you, do you tell them you’re taken or only if asked?

In college, I was pursued by this guy for years and he never mentioned his girlfriend once. She even approached before he did. Til this day he still hasn't mentioned her. Lmao i can't. I've been in this situation so many...
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What's Your Favorite Male/Female Song Duet/Collaboration?

Mine: The first/one of my all time favs: Ozzie Osbourne/Lita Ford Second would be Meghan Trainor/John Legend: Lastly, love this song...
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Guys is it hard letting go of your flame even though you know it's for your own good?

Some people know when a relationship is good for them, but unfortunately, some don't. They want to hang on to what they have even though it may be a detriment to you, or both of you. So why would you want to hang on? Why...
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Girls, were you dateless in high school or maybe just felt like a big frump?

I never was asked out on a date in high school, much less had a boyfriend. I was a chunk and had a bad complexion. It totally sucked which is one reason I hated high school and this song because it rang true....
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How should I discipline my 4 year old who keeps stealing toys from day care?

Its been going on for a while now, and we always correct the behavior by having him return the little things that he takes to the teacher and have him apologize. He keeps doing it though. The other day he came home with...
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Guys, ever love a girl but didn't know how to tell her?

Love is a strange thing. You want to tell someone that you love them but don't want to ruin anything, like say in a friendship. Have you ever had that happen to you? What were the results?...
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What's your favorite Korean drama and why? Coul you give me few minutes of it's trailer?

Me! A cute cat n a human woman. The cat turns human when with her but when he sleeps he's a cat and cannot hug a human. The woman is a great manga author the main characters of...
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The Purge Turns Real in 2022 what do you do?
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Do you like this?

Why or why not Used to be big back when I was growing up
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Who here remembers this Ludacris song from the 2000's?
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Dating different, what do you think?

The standards of what is considered physical perfection for both men and woman are so unattainable these days. With social media girls and all the work they have done to the chiseled must look like me bearded gym guys....
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Do you like it or not?

I do love it & can relate
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