Do you girls find big arms attractive or a turn on?

I have pretty big arms, there not ripped or anything ridiculous there just big. I have a lot of muscle in them its just that there not toned. and I'm not a small kid either, so there pretty proportional to my body. would you find that attractive in a guy?

yes I know, every girl is different. but I'm just seeing if a lot of girls like big arms or don't. And I know its nothing that I can really change bout myself so that's y I'm asking


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  • Yes, I LOVE big arms on a guy. The bigger the better for him to hold me, lift me, move me, press me, protect me, and thrust into me.

    • Lol, hmmm and why would he need lift u. jk.

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  • Yeah I'm pretty sure all girls love big arms.. well the most important thing is that they are in proportion with the rest of your body.

  • on a guy I think its hot very manly I want him to look stronger then me!

    • Lol geese ur answer made it seemed like you are one of those chicks that are extreme body builders.

    • Haha no way I'm very small actually I'm only 4'10 and have a tiny body I just like strong looking guys!!

  • Girls are all different. They have different opinions.


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