When a guy sees his friend with a bubble butt bend over does he look?

I don't exactly know what constitutes a nice butt, but if a girl has a bubble butt and is skinny and thinks a friend might like her is it right to assume he looks at her butt when she bends over? Or would just any guy do this?

If a guy does like the girl, and does see her bend over and looks at her butt what are things he is thinking? Just curious.


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  • Well if it is a true true just friends thing he might not look, but if he likes you even a little he will definitely look at you when you bend over. If any girl who is attractive and it sounds like you definitely are almost every guy even if they don't like you will look. When a girl with a nice booty gets up from her seat on the bus I and pretty much all guys of all ages and personalities will take a glance I noticed that its funny. If you think a guy doesn't look he's just good at being discreet what he will think nice butt imagine what it would be like fully unclothed imagine having sex with you doggytyle maybe. It depends. He probably won't think much just stare and think nice butt and maybe get a boner lol. Its not a real intellectual moment


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  • There is a quote from the movie Scent of a woman where this blind guy says "the day we stop looking is the day we die". So true. Women are beautiful to guys and guys LOVE to check them out.

    What I would think? Probably nice butt, and try to imagine it naked. That's what I think most guys are thinking.

  • Er! Yeah! He does.


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  • guys always look at your butt when you bend down.

    and what they are thinking? sex, of course! xD

    • I know this is old but I had to toss in my 2 cents.

      /I/ look at a girl with a bubble butt if she bends over! And I'm pretty straight...Its the whole 'daaaaymn' attitude. Appreciate beauty wherever you see it!