Black Lycra catsuit can I wear it out in public?

My partners bought me a black Lycra catsuit for a dress up party months ago she like to see me wearing it I have great body she says so I have wearing it around the house I was wearing it the other day and we decided to go shopping I went get changed and she said to me you will be right as you are go in the catsuit unsure I did we went to the main shopping centre for about an hour I felt ok wearing it. Me partner has bought me a couple more catsuit and I wear them all the time

Today my partner and I went shopping again but today both decided to wear catsuits to the shopping centre all was good we shopped for about 2 hours when a another guy came up to me an asked me about what I was wear he loved it and wanted to know where I got the catsuit from I told him my girl friend got it for me she is over there getting some food for tonight she is wearing catsuit to i said he was amazed how good they looked he when got his wife to show her


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  • Yeah there is no law against that unless you live in some other country.


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  • That didn't actually happen did it?

    • Yes it happen the only time I'm not wearing a catsuit is when at work

    • No, no it isn't

    • Why is it not happening? it is happening for me I look grate in a full body Lycra catsuit with my running shoes looks like just come or going to the gym no has commented badly when I have been out in it

  • Do what you want 😂


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  • Next she will have you wearing a bra and thong to bed.