What are the big turn ons and turn offs for girls ?

I just want to know what turn girls off and turn on from guys.


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  • Turn ons: kindness, intelligence, a brilliant, silly since of humor, clean cut/clean shaved, but a little bit of 5'oclock shadow, guys who can cook/grill well and appreciate awesome food, guys who are gentle and respectful with a girl in how they touch and feel her, when guys look a little scruffy and muddy after playing sports, caring about a girl getting off in bed and putting effort into it, guys who cuddle, who aren't afraid to hold hands in public.

    Turn offs: Persistent guys, especially many of the ones on this site who keep trying to have chat sex with really stupid opening lines, and IM so many girls they don't even know who the heck you are (seriously, go to a cybersex website!), arrogance, guys who randomly grope when they don't know or barely know you, guys who come up behind you with an erection on the dance floor and try to grind it on you, guys who are greasy, and look like they haven't showered in years without an excuse (e.g. having just come from the gym or playing a game), guys who dress too well to the point that they wear designer jeans (it's nice to look nice and clean cut, but not overly caring about appearance), guys who smoke or chew tobacco.


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  • turns offs:

    bad hygiene (bad breath, greasy hair, acne, etc), persistent text messaging, excessive sexual comments/jokes, arrogant, if they are mean to anyone, too serious, overly sensitive, pushy, gives too many compliments, seem angry at life, SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROBLEMS ha, lazy, super clean cut guys

    turn ons:

    friendly to EVERYONE, funny, loves kids and animals, athletic, motivated, extroverted, respectfulness is a HUGE thing for me, gentleman, walks girl to door/car, opens doors, offers to pay, masculine, and of course musicians and artists are sexy.

  • Turn ons: Respectful, not abusive, intelligent, doesn't drink a lot or do drugs, encourages my goals and shows support, honest, doesn't try to change me, stubborn, kind smile, likes to cuddle, smells good, has a similar music taste as me, similar hobbies, good hair, a musician or skater is also good... shy, but can be outgoing at times, would rather stay in and watch a movie than be super crazy, just laid back...

    Turn offs: super clingy, super distant, boring, cheaters, guys that change themselves every year to try to get more people to like them, lots of body hair, bad hygiene, HUGE Beatles fans, liars, drinkers and druggies, deadbeat dads, woman beaters... I can go on for hours with this.

  • Turn offs: any gross smell, or gross breath. (ive had to pull away from almost throwing up from how bad some guys smell and their breath) over cocky, persistent about sex, especially when its been stated that you don't want to. too much hair, I understand some that you can't control, but there are some areas that you should shave.

    Turn on: being genuinely interested. passionate but not animal like, nice to people but not too "friendly" (if you know what I mean) giving the feeling that your girlfriend is important to you. masculine, funny, positive, trusting + loyal.

  • Turn on:

    Respectful, honest, assertive, compassionate, ambitious, cute smile, nice straight white teeth, making eye contact, confident but still a little shy around the one he likes, good sense of humor, can laugh at himself, close to his family, protective, athletic, likes to work out, has a solid group of friends, enjoys going out instead of sitting at home all day, romantic, good lover that tries to make sure he pleases you in bed as well.

    Turn off:

    Cocky, thinking every girl is in love with them, vulgar humor, sensitive and moody, unaware of normal social behavior, laziness, poor hygiene, rude to my friends or family, bad kisser, easily jealous, flirting with every girl in sight, needy, constantly making fun of others, cheap, being cheesy, ignorant, and obnoxious.

  • Turn on: great hair, smile that melts my heart, likes to be active, adventurous, entertaining, fun, friendly, good personal hygiene, honest, straightforward, confident, makes eye contact, trustworthy, loyal, optimistic, positive, open minded, gives me enough compliments, romantic, respectful, polite, and can stay true to himself.

    Turn off: bad oily hair, doesn't smile, lazy, terrified of trying new things, boring, mean, smells bad, liar, doesn't get to the point, indirect, low confidence and too much confidence, too clingy, doesn't look at me, cheats, pessimistic about everything, totally close minded, insults me all the time, jerk, selfish, disrespectful, rude, and changes himself so I will like him.

  • turn-ons:

    1. musicians are just INCREDIBLE! especailly a guy who can sing/play guitar and piano...divine!

    2. intelligence

    3. facial hair, different styles suit different men/longer hair

    4. great smile makes me melt

    5. nice eyes

    6. can hold a conversation

    7. is interested in more than just one thing

    8. caring/protective

    9. honesty/respect/loyalty

    10. nice arms, from the tips of his fingers to his shoulders

    11. smells good

  • i agree with kcoolkittie.

    and the biggest turn off for me is a big ego. It just drives me insane!

  • Turn ons: outgoing, trustworthy, open about feelings, great kisser, nice smile, always clean smelling, enthusiastic, high energy, manly, rough,

    Turn offs: being too clingy, not going down, being selfish in bed, being super mushy, when a guy moves too fast i.e acting like his your boyfriend when you just met, and a girly or nasal voice hahah

  • Turn Off's: Tons of body hair, bad breath, poor speach, talking about other women, neediness, selfish in bed or too hasty...

    Turn On's: Calm attitude, plans dates some times, taking your time in bed, talking like you have some sense, shaving, smelling fresh in general, making eye contact and smiling, etc.


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  • Turn ons: Social status/power, being fancied by other girls, money/status job, lean/musclar body, passion for life, ability in 'respectable' hooby (sport, music, art), dressing well, sense of humour/fun loving

    Turn offs: Being beta (being weak-willed, apathetic, needy, socially maladaptive, being the 'nice guy', no confidence, poor body language/posture), poor personal hygeine, poor social status, extreme arrogance, being creepy, being serious all the time