What are the big turn ons and turn offs for girls ?

I just want to know what turn girls off and turn on from guys.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Turn ons: kindness, intelligence, a brilliant, silly since of humor, clean cut/clean shaved, but a little bit of 5'oclock shadow, guys who can cook/grill well and appreciate awesome food, guys who are gentle and respectful with a girl in how they touch and feel her, when guys look a little scruffy and muddy after playing sports, caring about a girl getting off in bed and putting effort into it, guys who cuddle, who aren't afraid to hold hands in public.

    Turn offs: Persistent guys, especially many of the ones on this site who keep trying to have chat sex with really stupid opening lines, and IM so many girls they don't even know who the heck you are (seriously, go to a cybersex website!), arrogance, guys who randomly grope when they don't know or barely know you, guys who come up behind you with an erection on the dance floor and try to grind it on you, guys who are greasy, and look like they haven't showered in years without an excuse (e.g. having just come from the gym or playing a game), guys who dress too well to the point that they wear designer jeans (it's nice to look nice and clean cut, but not overly caring about appearance), guys who smoke or chew tobacco.