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BOOTY vs BOOBIES: Which one are men attracted to the most?

There's always been an argument on what guys prefer the most booty or boobie...I want to hear first hand from the guys...and girls feel free to... Show More

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What Guys Said 23

  • Booty!

  • Ass.. not that I wouldn't appreciate boobs..

  • Booty all the way!

  • booty...

  • Booty without blinking. Guess it's a latin thing.

  • I like a nice tight booty. haha, its not really a turn off if its not what I imagined though, I was friends with her before we started dating, so it wasn't a surprise that she had a perfect butt.

  • Booty, booty, booty!

  • I personally like boobies most. But they have to be smallish. C or smaller. Huge boobs aren't my thing.

    Occasionally I like a nice small ass, but it really is situational.

  • I like boobies. Don't go have surgeries though... I like mid size or smaller, with dime to quarter size nipps. Also, long hair... any shade from light brown to black.

  • Ass all the way!

  • Normally I'm a chest guy, but once in awhile I see a butt that deserves a second look.

  • boobs! next question ;)

  • booty but my mate here likes boobies guess who is white and guess who is black lol I like a nice booty but I don't mind a nice set of jugs that are smothered in baby oil

  • As long as you got one or the other I'm good. I just want something to grab on to!

  • Going with the booty

  • i like a girl with a nice big booty ; ) lol I like it if a girl has big boobs and a big booty, but the big boobs aren't really needed as much to attract me as the booty is...i just like watching I girls booty shake as she walks and I like holding it or slaping it. I'm also really into anal which is why I probably like a girls booty even more ; )

  • Booty I say, booty!

    Boobs are nice, but there's something deeper in me that wants a great butt to hold onto. Boobs certainly grab attention and I love them, but they seem to get so much PR anyway that it feels like society seems overbalanced in that direction. But even ignoring (or attempting to ignore) societal influences, a nice butt pulls me toward a girl way more strongly than nice boobs do.

    Of course both are nice! :)

  • Personally, I've always enjoyed a nice pair of boobs more than I have a nice butt. My ex had a really nice butt, though.

  • 'Dem teddies... Yum.

  • I loves the boobies, something about a big ole cleavage sets me right off. Yup, loves 'em.

  • butt

  • a little bit of both is great. if I had to choose, I would probably say booty just because that's my personal taste.

What Girls Said 4

  • I find that guys like both my boobs & my booty but if I had to choose, then I'd say most guys go for my bum in a big way x.

  • i think it really has to do with where you're from. like I know a lot of guys from new york love booty more then boobs.

  • My boyfriend prefer boobies. But he likes booty too

  • it depends on the guy. most guys I know prefer a big booty to big boobs. but I think every man has a soft spot for big boobies. just from moving a lot and living around different people, I think black guys prefer booty and white guys prefer boobies and then there are some exceptions to that generalization but yeahh.

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