Girls what is your height prefrence in a guy and?

according to that height what weight u'll prefer? So what are your views

Girls please don't forget to mention your heiht and weight also...thank you


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  • The platform high heels: Eliminating average height men since 2009...

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  • 5'9 and up about 160 lbs + :)

    The shortest I'd date is 5'5. But I do like taller.

  • I'm 5'8, 130, so I like the guy to be anywhere between 5'10" and 6'4" -- muscular but not "body builder" types, more on the lanky side.

    • just asking...can you check pics in my profile nd tell me m I too muscler or normal(good) condition...ty in advance

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    • i already have :)

    • Nice!

  • I'm 5'10'' and 134lbs (175 cm, 61kg).

    I'd appreciate if he was taller than me, but that hasn't stopped me before from dating a guy :)

    As for weight, I'm not looking at the numbers. I like fit men, with a bit of muscle. I can picture the kind of body types I like best, but I have no idea which weight correspond -_-'

    As I said before, those are my ideals but I've dated guys that weren't like that :)

    • thank you:) for your answer ...can you tell me is this too much muscle or a gud body and also on which portions I need to improve... link

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    • okay thanks :)

    • You're welcome :)

  • I don't have a preference, so long as he is taller than me. So 5'5 to 6'8 haha. Therefore he could weigh anything from 130 to 260. Just as long as he was healthy and active.

    • To add- I'm 5'4 and 129 lbs(and still losing!)

  • I'm 5'6 1/2 and 111 lbs. So my height or taller. And I like skinny guys so whatever weight that is.

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  • I'm 5'10.5", or about 179 cm. My girlfriend is 5', or about 152 cm. I love every bit of her. Never dated a girl so small, but it's awesome. I don't have a thing for short girls, but I certainly have a thing for her. There's a height that will catch your eye at first, which means you're more likely to end up with someone in that height because that's who you approach or are receptive to more, but obviously there's going to be exceptions all the time if the person is awesome and you are compatible.

  • I'm 5'8 and 140 lbs. I've always thought I was too short for girls :( all my life I alllllllways wanted to be taller.

  • I'm 180cm and 80kg and have a thing for girls taller than me.

  • A lot of girls seem to like tall guys, lol. I'm only 5'10" but don't want to be any shorter or taller, I wouldn't like to be tall, like anything over 6ft, stand out too much, haha. Seems like girls care more about height then guys, I really don't care honestly, shorter and taller girls both have attractive qualities about them in my opinion. :)

  • like the anon guy said

    "Girls like exactly what I am"

    you need to work with what you got and back it up witch confidence besides everyones knows girls don't know what they want

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