Do girls like guys with V shaped ripped body? (PIC INSIDE)

Just wondering if girls like this type of ripped v shaped back. :)




Most Helpful Girl

  • Not me, personally no. I like some chub on a guy. Not a lot but some chub is always great. Feels like a teddy bear.


What Girls Said 4

  • it's nice but not a contigency in a Boyfriend for me, a guy can look how ever and I don't really care personality is more important, and I tend to like guys with a little bit more flub, not fat just squishy LOL

  • its a plus. always want a man chiseled & fine!

  • its ok. I wouldn't say I prefer it though.


What Guys Said 3

  • A lot of women like guys who are in great physical condition, especially with their upper bodies.

  • girls will always love the V-Taper (the shape ur talking about). That will never go outta style.

  • The girls are jealous of you bro, V shape is where it's at, all humans are shallow. That's why we have eyes duhhhh to look at stuff hehe =p! Most people don't admit it but everyone is shallow. Some more than others, some less than others. They are saying they want fat guys because that's all they will ever get. They won't ever get a cut guy like you or me! (I have girls hitting on me T_T it's a pain, a girl tried to grab my crotch but I dodged it lol and she grabbed the side of my stomach instead then said oops my bad- wtf that was on purpose you bitch!)