Physio saw self harm scars?

So I hurt my shoulder in soccer and had to go see a physiotherapist today. Since I was wearing a sports bra under my shirt, she asked me to remove my shirt so she could take a better look at my shoulder. I have a lot of self harm scars on my stomach from awhile ago. Don't worry, I've stopped cutting completely, but I still have the noticeable scars.

My physio asked me what happened, and I told her my friend's cat attacked me awhile ago. I'm not sure if she bought it or not? So I pulled up my leggings a little to cover most of them.

Do you think my physio will tell my parents?

Any advice on how I can get those nasty scars to fade?


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  • It depends on how bad the scars were but if it wasn't extremely deep cutting they should fade farely well... Vitamin E (you can buy the liquid or the gel pills and cut them open) is good for your skin as well as just scar creams you can get from any drug store... They don't work miracles and I think are a little better if used in the beginning... Beyond that there is laser treatment for scars., and some people choose to get tattoos over scars but I would ONLY recommend that years down the road AND if you are into tattoos anyway. I think it helps that they are on your stomach where the skin is a bit more spongey and not thin like the top of your chest or hands/wrists, etc.. I have a keyloid scar on my chest from chickenpox as a kid and it's still very present but the worst of it was when I was about 12-20 years old.


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  • Pretty sure your physio didn't buy it. Unless the friends cat is a full grown tiger or lion.

    If you are a legal adult. No your parents will not be told. If your not...

    As for getting them to fade. There are laser treatments that work. I know there are also creams/ointments that have had good success rates too. I don't know the names off hand. But a Googily search can help.


  • I doubt she made the connection. Your parents won't be told if you're 18+. Your scars will fade over time. Let them be a reminder to you of how far you've come. My congrats to you for getting yourself in a healthy place!


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  • If you're over 18 you're an adult, so they can't tell your parents. Are they less than m12 months old and do you have access to opsite flexgrid?