What are brownie points and what they mean?

Are brownie points just saying that you impressed her?Does this mean that she like me or at least interested?

We are good friend moving in a good direction. I don't think that I never kissed her that much lol.

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  • Well for me...If I said that my now boyfriend scored brownie points, (I'd say this to my friends), it meant that he said/did something that was good/made me happy/made me realize what kind of guy he was.Now that I'm dating him... scoring brownie points now may help him if he says the wrong thing. haha.

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  • for me a brownie point is when a guy gets "extra points" on my good side for something that I didn't expect from him. like hanging out with my little brother or liking dogs as much as me.

  • For me brownie points is not a good thing. It means that you got good points by sucking up to a boss. Ass-licking so to speak, hence the term "brownie".But in the context of a relationship it probably doesn't mean that :P

    • No, Brownie points comes from the girl scouts-style group the Brownies.

    • thats how its used where I'm from to but it can also mean did something to get on her/his good side.

  • Inn most cases it means that You did something that made Her happy,Or if She's fat it could mean that She wants to eat You...

  • em I relly don't know ... my guess is that there like gold stars .. every girl call them something different ...

    • it can mean like gold stars

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  • It's like the points in Who's Line is it Anyway. They're probably good, but they don't matter and really don't exist.

  • The true meaning has been lost over time, but it essentially means you are "kissing ass", ala "brown nosing".I like thinking that it has to do with brownies, they are delicious... but really, when you're sticking your face so far up someone's ass you are getting "brownie points".