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When I see something gross I get itchy.. :/

is this weird? does it happen to you? things that gross me out like holes. I don't know why but holes in food or in the ground are so gross to me.... Show More

OMG, I'm so happy I'm not alone. and I try showers but its more of a mind over body thing
ok well as you can see by the best answer to all of you other people with this issue its called trypophobia , eww even the word is gross! google it but images will automatically show up ickk. its basically when you see wholes, bumps, bugs(to be continued)
and things like that you get itchy and my skin starts to get super itchy and tight. ickk

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  • Yes I have the same thing actually. I felt weird until I googled it myself. It is called trypophobia (make sure you don't google image search that btw), and while it is not a confirmed phobia, there are a lot of groups on the internet that discuss it.

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  • I know what you mean about holes. I have a tiny Hindu man living in my stomach and he has a hole in the bottom of his left foot, which really grosses me out. In fact, I'm started to get all ichy just thinking about it.

    • i don't get it...? how is he in your tummy?

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    • Oh crap I'm sorry I guess you arn't really a bro. MY Bad.

    • He lives in my tummy because he likes it there. I tried eating nothing but burnt toast hoping he'd go away, but he seems to like burnt toast. Its always sumpin. Anyway, I hope you stop being itchy.

  • does that happen when you see a penis?

  • I would love to help you out, but first I must analyze and dissect (like a squid) the cause or root of your itchiness. Please look at the links below and rate on a scale of 1 to 5, how itchy it makes you and then rate 1 to 5, how disgusting the links are, I will then, analyze and plot the results in my statistical software, thanks









  • I get cold chills. Sometimes they're so bad I almost feel like I'm having convulsions, lol.

  • If I ever get like that, my thought is to shower or maybe take a bath more often.

  • OMG, You are NOT alone! When I see tiny holes I itch my hair until it begins to bleed a little bit! Under my eyes itch, arm, And shoulder.

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  • I'm the same way when it comes to holes...I can't look or even think about clutters of them without getting the urge to itch. I'm scratching as I type this ! >_<

  • ok, this is gonna sound crazy, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is an actual physical condition that you have. it's not serious like life threatening or anything, but it's like headaches or frequent colds.

    People may be tempted to attribute this kind of thing to a psychological cause, but especially because it's accompanied by itching, I'm gonna say it's physical.

    If you eat a lot of sugar, candy, junk food, salt, or processed food, including lots of spices, then you need to cut back on those things and focus on eating more whole foods like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Experiment with meat and dairy. See if you get worse or better if you cut them out or increase them.

    You might continue to be slightly grossed out by random things, but the feeling will lessen and so will the itching. I would also suggest trying a Chinese herbalist or acupuncturist if there's a good one in your area. Good luck.

  • Theres certain sounds that when I hear them I'll pretty much shut down/get really snappy almost instantly, namely chewing and slurping food. If that's the only sound at the moment, I'll put on head phones or find an excuse to walk away before I'm tempted to be snippy at or want to hit the chewer. instant the sound stops I'm OK. I don't get it and I get weird reactions from people for it, so I get where you're coming from.

  • OMG, this happens to me too. I thought I was the only person in the world. It actually got a little better as I got older. But when I was younger I saw this TV show where someone shot holes into a door and I itched all over for what felt like an hour. It was awful. I have no idea why, haha, but I thought I was the only one.

  • I'm like that too. Like if I touch something I think is gross I get itchy lol...

  • The only thing that makes me itch when it is gross is when I see a whole bunch of bugs moving around. When I see that then my scalp itch's. But holes? What makes that so gross?

  • i gag instead of getting itchy

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