When I see something gross I get itchy.. :/

is this weird? does it happen to you? things that gross me out like holes. I don't know why but holes in food or in the ground are so gross to me. bumps also gross me out. when I get itchy it starts in my arms usually and leads up to my neck and my face and even my nose. then my stomach and my legs itch mildly. I don't get hives or some type of rash. but I just get super itchy. any idea why? and please tell me if this happens to you so I can feel like less of a freak.

OMG, I'm so happy I'm not alone. and I try showers but its more of a mind over body thing
ok well as you can see by the best answer to all of you other people with this issue its called trypophobia , eww even the word is gross! google it but images will automatically show up ickk. its basically when you see wholes, bumps, bugs(to be continued)
and things like that you get itchy and my skin starts to get super itchy and tight. ickk


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  • Yes I have the same thing actually. I felt weird until I googled it myself. It is called trypophobia (make sure you don't google image search that btw), and while it is not a confirmed phobia, there are a lot of groups on the internet that discuss it.