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Why do some girls send me "fake texts" where they pretend to text someone else?

Several girls have done this to me. An Ex who, after having ignored her for over four months sends me a text saying "Oh, I'll be right there don't worry" to which I was like "WHAT?" to which she then wrote back "Oops, sorry, I meant this for someone else, bye!" Then one time I was talking to this girl on the phone who wanted to stay up all night with me on the phone but I said I wanted to go because she also wanted to watch a movie with her cousin but said she wanted to talk to me more and would skip the movie but I didn't want to interrupt or be rude to her cousin, so she then after hanging up with her she sends me a text half an hour later: "OH, NO I CAN'T TALK SORRY, I'M ALMOST ASLEEP" to which then I was like "What?" and she's like "Oh sorry, not for you." and then one time I get a text from a girl I hadn't talk to for A YEAR who sends me a text saying "I just got it, thanks, it was very sweet ;-)" and I was like "What?" and she texts back "Oh, my bad, I sent the text to the wrong person" then this one girl who I had no interest in but she had my number sends me a text saying "I can't wait for the movies tonight!" and I was like "what?" and she's like "oh, sorry, wrong guy" I don't know if this sh*t only happens to me or what. Girls do you do this and why? Guys has this ever happened to you?

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  • Ever they are all being honest, in which case you seem to be mistaken easilyBut "OH, NO I CAN'T TALK SORRY, I'M ALMOST ASLEEP" was an odd reply after saying she wanted to stay up all night to talk to youI think they might do it to see how you respond or if you haven't texted in ages maybe they wonder if you have the same numberIf a conversation I have online dies down a little I do consider doing this, so I can explain my mistake and hopefully get a convo out of it :P I never do it though

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  • oh wow this is hilarious. Anyway, do these girls know each other or something? But, they're trying to start a conversation with you or at least hinting you. For the movie girl, she definantely meant to sent that text. For the hadn't talk to for a year was an accident text, I believe. Other than that, there's no way all these girls sent their text to the wrong guy, unless your name in their contacts is similar to guys they know

    • My name is not an American name and not too many guys have names that start with "I" and all these girls are white. And these girls don't know each other

    • well if they have a touch phone, then its normal people are fast at texting and they want to get it over with fast by clicking on the name. But I still think the movie girl wanted to actually continue her conversatiion with you

  • I have done it this :) guilty! Tehe ! The girl that wanted to stay up with you on the phone thought mayber if she sent a random text you 2 could keep texting since you didn't want to talk on the phone but, she didn't want to seem creepy or way too interested by saying "HEY" aafter you just said you were threw talking! The girl you showed no interest in didn't want to just say hey I'm going on dates ! Lol she pretended to be texting to a guy that most likely doesn't exist and hoped to get a reaction! The ex that you hadn't talked to was trying to break the ice! She still had your # for a reason! Did you still have hers as well? Or did you memorize it or have to ask who she was? [Hope this helped though]

  • when I do it's usually an accident v.v it sucks when there are two connors in your phone and like nichole and nick

    • not too many people have my name

  • It sort of happens that you send it to someone else?

    • Yea, that's what I thought until I just got a weird text message right now from an ex, and then I thought about all the times where it sort of "happens that you send it to someone else." So either you are right and just don't notice MY NUMBER AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN when sending me a text or it means something else. Like trying to get my attention, but why would you still have my number after a year, or four months? That's the eerieness.

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  • You couldn't think of anything else to say besides "What?" lol

    • well for simplicity I wrote "what" because the gist of what I wrote was "what" so I didn't want to make the question description too long


    • lol, ditto

  • I do that all the time. Damn touch screen on my cell loves to send messages to the person above the one I'm trying to select.

    • Couple of the examples are during the time when touch screens weren't around too much and the most recent incident, the ex doesn't have a touch screen

    • Dunno. I get those every so often, never really thought much of them.

    • It's just weird