Boys, does extra "hahaha's" in a text mean something?

So I was with my friend and her boyfriend and I was texting the guy I am kinda dating. Anyways I told the guy something funny and my friends boyfriend was like how many haha's did he use? and I was like umm a lot? and he was like ooooh! and would not tell me what it means and just said "its guy code". what do the extra hahaha's mean?!?


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  • for starters, he was probably just picking on you or joking around, but it could mean that he likes you or found it really funny.. but you will have to figure that out yourself. Guys don't have some kind of complicated system or head games or whatever...


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  • You friend sounds retarded. There's no secret message encoded in our "haha's." If it's worth a chuckle I will use "haha." If it's pretty funny I might be inclined to use "hahahahaha!" That's the extent of the message we are communicating.


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  • lol! this question is adorable!

    it may not mean anything hun. I would guess that you made him laugh a lot lol, but sometimes it could mean awkward laughing like "...I don't know wtf else to respond with so I'm just gonna laugh awkwardly" lol. It could be something he said because maybe he's shy or nervous and he didn't know what else to say so "hahahaha" was a safe bet. sounds like your friend's boyfriend was just playin around with you lol

  • lol you are way overthinking this

  • good question