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Guys do you prefer skinny girls or curvy girls or chubby girls or fat girls?

guys do you prefer skinny girls or curvy girls or chubby girls or fat girls?

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  • This question is very open to interpretation, all guys have a different idea of what they consider each one of these choices to be. Some guys think kim kardashian is fat and that paris hilton was the right size and vice versa.

    It would be easier to answer if you gave us example pictures to show what you meant by each, I think I would choose curvy but I have no idea what that looks like from your idea

What Guys Said 10

  • Curvy is better, but the main thing is that she's healthy. I don't need her to run marathons, but I don't want to see her stopping for breath every 100 meters when we're walking.

  • Curvy, an hourglass figure looks hotter than just a straight line

  • I really like curvy girls.

  • I like a woman with meat on her bones, not skinny, fat or chubby. Just a real woman

  • Athletic women option?

  • link

    This chick is perfect to me. :D

  • I am often attracted to skinny girls the most it seems, however there are also curvy girls that I am attracted too as well. There are a rare amount of chubby girls I have ever been somewhat attracted to (ex: gorgeous faces, but muffin topping a bit too much.) I'm 99% certain I've never "liked" a fat girl. I've had a friend or two, and can have pleasant friendly conversation. That's it however, and if they start flirting I, immediately hit the eject button.

  • B/C Usually

  • Curvy chubby and fat are the same thing! Lololol

    • no they aren't

      -curvy is neither skinny nor fat

      -chubby is not really fat but somehow overweight

      -fat is obesse

What Girls Said 2

  • depends on the guy.

    im a girl but I like different kinds of girls, especially curvy girls and some plus size girls. I'm into thin girls too though.

  • Why isn't there a "healthy" option? Also, just because a guy likes ________ girls it doesn't mean that other guys won't like _opposite__ girls.

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