Boyfriend prefers curvy girls?

My boyfriend admitted to me that he prefers thicker girls, you know, the slim thick girl everyone raves about nowadays. i know it seems like a jerk move, but he only admitted because I asked him to. It’s something I’ve picked up on based on pervious crushes and girls he’s dated before me so I stupidly asked him to come out with it and tell me if he prefers them on the curvier side, which he admitted because he knows I hate being lied to. Stupid of me, I know...

anyway, it’s eating out at me now that I know I was right. What’s eating at me the most is that he was getting off to thicker girls, but turning around and telling me I’m absolutely perfect. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at it on a logical stance, but how do you have a preference of thicker girls, but tell me I’m everything you could’ve ever wanted? Tell me I’m perfect and wouldn’t change anything about me, but turn around and get off to girls that are my opposite body type (forgot to mention I’m fairly skinny, but not too skinny.)

either way, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like he settled for a skinny girl because he fell in love with me and had no choice. I feel like I’m not everything he could’ve ever wanted because he prefers them thick, that I’d have to be his preferred body type to actually be the perfect girl for him. It just doesn’t logically make sense to me that I’m perfect to him, but he prefers thicker girls that I don’t look like at all, and wouldn’t change anything about me. Does that make sense?

anyway, I just wanted to share this because I’d like to hear what other people have to say, maybe even change my perspective and make me feel better about this? somehow prove me wrong? He loves me and tells me all the time how sexy and attractive I am, but still can’t help but feel this way. I know it’s a me problem, but this logic can’t help but creep up back into my mind when he tells me I’m everything he could’ve ever wanted and wouldn’t change me. Let me know what you guys think!
Boyfriend prefers curvy girls?
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