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She sits next to me in class everyday...is she into me?

in my history class, there is this cute girl that sits next to me everyday we have class. during the course of the semester, many people have dropped... Show More

i noticed two class periods ago, her glancing at me almost 3 times, (I saw it out the corner of my eye) but she is still very quiet. I saw her standing in the stairwell after class playing with her phone, I asked her some class related things and it kind of a jumbled convo because of her English. I asked if her she will be OK for the final test and she told me yes...i told her 'good luck then', and then I walked down the stairs. she didn't seem to want to walk and talk with me..oh well.

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  • It depends... from the sound of it she may think you're cute, but is worried her English may get in the way of anything happening which is why she's shy towards you.

    There's also a chance that she's just sitting next to you everyday out of habit. I suggest testing the water a bit more before coming to a conclusion. Finals are coming up... maybe you should ask her to study with you one night!

    • yeah, I'll do it. we have a research paper due next week, so I'll ask her if she would need help. thanks!

  • I doubt it. When I get used to sitting on one spot, I tend to stay there. Even if another spot comes open, lol.

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