My ex gf told me she dreamt about me?

My ex gf broke up with me 4 and a half months ago. Last weekend we went to a trip together where we hooked up, kissing, holding hands, but because she doesn't trust me and she is now living in a different country she says she is not sure and she wants to see where it goes... But I told her that I want us to be together again. We chat very often and last evening she told me she dreamt about me, but she doesn't remember the dream, only that I was in it. Does that mean she is still thinking about me?


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  • sounds like she is definitely thinking about you!
    dreams are often manifestations of what we spend most of our days thinking about or subcounciously want/fear/worry about.
    maybe she really wants to be with you but doesn't know whether to take the step to be with you because she's scared you guys will break up again?


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  • You chat very often, she's thinking of you regardless of a dream.

    • I'm usually the one that initiate the convo

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  • Since she's all in contact with you, I'd say she's still thinks of you.. heck i still think about guys I used to crush on wayyy back when i was in HS. And they are blips in my life lol.


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