I broke up with him, then he blocked and deleted me from everywhere. So why did he just send me a birthday card in the mail?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2.5 years almost 5 months ago. I broke up with him because after 2.5 years he still didn't know what he wanted. He never called me his girlfriend. I told him what I wanted and I love him and could see myself with him. He told me he didn't know how he felt about me. It really upset me b/c I couldn't believe after 2.5 years he doesn't know how he feels.

I ended things by telling him exactly how I felt, that I love him but I can't wait around for him to figure out if he loves me or not or whether he can live without me or not. I told him I was leaving so I could find someone who does know that he loves me. But I left it open and told him that if he finds that he does love me once I leave I'd be open to giving him a second chance but never a third or fourth.

After I broke up with him he didn't seem to care. It took him a month to contact me. He sent me a text asking if we can be friends and asked if I wanted to go see a movie. I told him that we can't be friends because I need to move on because I love him. He didn't say anything and didn't respond to me. Later that day he blocked and deleted me from everything (fb, twitter, instagram). I even tried calling him and found that he blocked my phone number. I was extremely hurt. The past 3 months were very hurtful for me. I've been crying alot. I couldn't believe that this guy I invested so much time and love in hated me that much.

My birthday is tomorrow and yesterday I received a card in the mail from him wishing me a happy birthday. I was really confused and couldn't figure out why he would bother sending it? He has blocked me from everywhere so I can't even say Thank You. I did send him an email yesterday b/c that's the only place I think he didn't block me. All I said in the email was "thanks for the card :)". No response yet.

Do you think he regrets everything? What's the point of sending me a card?


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  • It sounds like he got bored of you in the end and when you broke it off he went off without a care in the world.
    Some people are just like that, i know someone close whos like that.

    Also, as a guy, if you said to me, aftr i contactd you a month later for the cinema , that your not gonna go to the film, i wouldve been pissed too but you stood up for yourself, and he deleted you because it was the only way to get revenge.
    Listen, you dumped him, you turned down his cinema request, you must see both points.
    And since your 2.5 years together, he sent a bday card as a 1st bday without you card so you won't be geting 1 ever again, it was a memorial so to speak.
    Move on with your life, dont look back.

    • Thanks trying to move on I guess I was hoping we would get back together and all would be fine and dandy

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    • I agree with everyone's comments. Just move on even though it's hurting you.

    • i know. thanks everyone.

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  • With The 'Happy Birthday" Card, he May have some pent up Guilt feelings for "Blocking and Deleting You" from his life, being you told him----We can't be friends. And being he even 'Blocked my phone number," he Found it in his heart to Send You--------His Very best.
    Being he hasn't Responded to your 24 hour ago "Thanks for the card," he may just be leaving It at that, allowing You And him to "Move on," and being in your Reply, you never added: "I want to be friends," he had Nothing More to say or offer.
    Sometimes when a couple breaks up, it doesn't always Mean: "Goodbye, my love." They find they still want to be in each others' lives, Are Missing the kissing, and just want-----Friends with or without benefits. In his case, with your 'EX," "X" Marks the Spot, and he most likely wanted his cake and eat it too now. He May have wanted to do the Friends with benefits factor, as Why he asked for your hand in-----Friendship. And being you shot him down, for as honest as you were in your heart, for Not wanting to accept this 'Proposal,' I believe you handled it well, and even though you've "Been crying alot," I believe in the end you did the right thing to let go, even had a few terms of your own.
    His feelings didn't pan out for you, he didn't reciprocate the same feelings for you, even after '2.5 years,' and you're Right-----He doesn't know how he feels, and may never know, no matter if you would reunite tomorrow.
    Yes, he may have a 'Few regrets,' but I think being it's your special day 'Tomorrow,' it was the Guilt that made him send This, and perhaps even a slight chance you Might have Reconsidered his Offer of----Friends... And maybe Accepting his gracious offer of------Go see a movie.
    But being he didn't get the message he may have been anticipated, you May not get an answer. Instead, A Closure Instead, of This being your Birthday Gift that you Really Are Better of without this Ghost of-----Yesterday.
    Happy birthday, sweetie... Many happy returns. xx

    • Thanks. It seems rather daunting I guess he really made me believe he really liked me but at the end couldn't commit to me. Moving on is what I will continue doing thank u

    • I'm glad you have decided to move on.. No, he can't Commit, Nor could he even find the love to do so... Try and have a good day tomorrow, and glad I could be here for you... xx

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  • He sounds like he is a detached and cold person. This kind of person sees relationships both intimate and familial as a mind game. They'll do stuff like this to throw you off. I dated a girl like this and when I cut it off she blocked me everywhere and only unblocked me as soon as she got another bf.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Blocked You Cause He Was High In His Emotions & Was Just Really Really Upset, After Some Time Passed By He Finally Calmed Down But Decided To Go Ahead & Keep You Blocked, He Still Has Feelings & Thats Why He Sent The Card, iDont Think He Regrets It As Much But He Does Seem To Still Care, Stay Positive...

    • you're the only person who said this. everyone else just said he doesn't care anymore. It just hurt so much to think he doesn't care. Thanks for your opinion

  • If your not good enough to even be his friend and
    he still blocks you than i believe you should move on
    and he feels guilty so he sends you a birthday card
    but i hate to say this but i think he seriously wants
    Friends With Benefits but i could be wrong it's so
    sad to be with someone for 2.5 years and they can't
    express their love to you and he never calls you his
    girlfriend i am sorry you went through this and you
    watch you will be rewarded with the best guy ;) XD


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  • I'm not sure why he sent you a card. I think don't look into it and just keep moving on. You're probably hoping that it means something, but him blocking you shows that he clearly moved on. Not sure what his motive was behind sending you a birthday greeting. I was going to say that maybe he was trying to be nice, but him blocking and deleting you from everything makes him seem like such an asshole. He probably just wants you to run after him and he's lowering the bait a little to see if you would make a move. He just wants you to run after him maybe so he can keep saying "I don't know what I want" like an idiot. just move on you deserve so much better.

    • thanks I guess you're right.

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