Is it weird to add my ex back on snapchat?

He never deleted me after the breakup, he would look at my snap stories sometimes since we broke up which was almost a year ago. I re-added him for the first time yesterday and my friend thinks its because i still like him. i really don't, i have no feelings for him romantically, i guess i just care about him and im curious... she thinks he's going to think i like him or something. what do you think?


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  • Why do you want to add him back?

    • I said it lol, curiosity

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    • Well it's quite clear he doesn't want you as a friend.

    • i don't see where its clear...

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  • yeah he will probably think u still have feelings for him hunney:)
    Stay strong! Do what your heart says but remember to use your mind more then heart. heart dont think and only feels/falls


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  • I still have my ex on my sc & we watch each others stories & go along with our day..


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