Why did my ex add me back on Snapchat?

My ex and I went out for ten months and he broke up with me out of the blue (it felt like) and it turns out he left me for another girl and was talking to her while we were still together. He's been with her for a year and a half and we've had essentially no contact ezcept for one time when he saw me at a baseball game and texted me and got all upset when I said that I didn't even see him. He looked at my instagram story from this random private account which I knew was him and then he added me and talked to me on Snapchat that same day. He's like what's up I'm like y are u talking to me and he's like I don't know I just wanted to say I'm sorry and I still feel like an asshole and then asked me questions about my life. I said apology accepted and stopped talking to him. Then he keeps sending me snapchats but ones he probably sends to other people too. He also said thanks for adding me back it means a lot. He's still with his girlfriend of course but she was actually away on vacation during this time.

Part of me me is like he's genuinely sorry and feels guilty so that's ok but also why do exes feel the need to like make everything better like you can't be friends with everyone just leave me alone. Also part of me thinks he's trying to open the door of communication again just so that he has a fall back or something. It's just annoying and I hate guys!


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  • No this can go two ways. Either he is genuinely sorry and that makes him a good guy for still wanting to b=have a relationship with you OR he is just an asshole who is just tryna keep you for later if he breaks up with the girl that he left you for. Be careful.


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