Is violence against men ever ok?

This question is very serious to me... I am german by the way so sorry for bad English in advance...
People in your country seem to think that violence against men, especially their genitals, is justified, or not a big deal... It makes me sick to read that it is acceptable for girls to kick men in the groin when they cheat. Many of them say they dont even care if they lose a testicle. Yeah, I read a lot about it, as this seems... dystopian to me.
I think girls don't realise that this is not just a toy for men, but a part of their body, identity and sexuality, that this kind of pain is used for TORTURE.
He could lose his ability to have children, lose a sexual organ, become a neutrum.
If a man punched a woman in the stomach, he'd be a monster.
If she lost an ovary from it, he'd lose his status as a human. He would go to jail and pay a lot of money.
People would demand his death or castration or whatever sick sh*t you will come up with...

My questions are:

1. Are men worthless in your country?

2. Why do men lose their human rights and their worth when they upset women?

3. Why are men not allowed to make mistakes?

4. Does a cheating women deserve a hard punch to the stomach?
If not, and women and men are worth the same, there can be no justification for women to kick men in the groin. Don't even try to argue, that would be the very definition of double standard.

5. How can women combine such an oversensitivity, irresponsibilty and constructed femininity with feminism and their struggle for equality?

6. Why are mens bodys looked at as disposable, even by themselves?

Again... I am german. Our head of state has been a woman for a decade. Men are allowed to cry, women aren't looked at as children.
Responsibility does not only mean duty, but to bear the guilt of your actions. There is no difference between men and women.
If men and women want to be respected alike, there can be no difference in their responsibility.
Its really shocking to me... every woman I know would agree.


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  • I think people r like this these days because some men were abusing women, which caused the society to think of men as a whole. And as for kicking men in their groin when upset, the woman is nothing more then a self centred bish.


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  • Why is the guy cheating?

    Then after cheating why is he standing there next to a angry woman?

    What's wrong with men :-/

    • You can ask the same about women. You think violence against men is justified, but not against women? Please dont get me wrong, I don't have hate for women... I'm scared that women think my body and feelings are less worth... I'd never cheat, but I'd never beat a woman either... You're supposedly the more gentle gender, so why can't you pass on beating up your man?

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    • That's very mature of you... sometimes everyone loses control, it's natural. People defend and condemn violence in all the wrong situations. You need to know when to forgive and when to separate. That's not only true for violence, but for all mistakes we make as humans... have a good day :)

  • I wouldn't hurt a man unless it was in self defense.

    • Wow... I'm getting a completely different response than what I feared :) thank you!

  • The majority of women do not think attacking men in their genitals is Ok. Most are too busy cleaning the house and baking cakes to think of such crazy feminist attitudes. Only feminists would attack men's genitals (and of course other men, for aesthetic reasons though). We all know they hate anything phallic. I saw a march on a sausage factory the other week by a bunch of hairy, menstruating short haired lesbians. Those feminists will destroy anything penis shaped out of pure hate for men. This is why they have outbursts and attack testicles.

    • Why do you take it as an attack on feminism, when I complain about violence against men?
      I support feminism, but feminism is for men too. That's the point.

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    • You're very welcome.

      Don't believe everything you read online.

    • I won't, now that I received some civilized oppinions.

  • A bit bitter I see?

    • No, doesn't happen in Germany :) would you be bitter if it was accepted for a man to beat up a woman who cheated?

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    • so torture is only acceptable if I feel the right thing?

    • @PlutoLastJuly What? No, I was just exaggerating. It's never ok.

  • I live in the United States.
    Men are not worthless in my country, although currently there's a feminism wave going on here.
    I don't see why they would lose their human, but others may feel that the guy is justified for the kick in the balls/loss of worth because of their actions, not necessarily because they're upset.
    Men are allowed to make mistakes, they're just criticized more harshly when they're found guilty of something because they should know better.
    I believe that cheating doesn't justify violence, no matter what gender. That two wrongs do NOT make a right. But, again there are some SJWs out there in my country that believe that women have superiority in some cases, which isn't true at all.

    • If a man deserves a kick in the balls, does a woman deserve a punch in the stomach?
      Also... I'm sorry but this isn't feminism to me. Women acting like babys and devaluating men? How is this feminism?

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    • I am definitely not alone, but it's the ironic unpopular opinion on the Internet.
      It's part of why I'm anon, lol.

    • Kinda sad... having to be embarassed because you're against violence... Not that you're anonymous, but that you're pressured to be

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  • Yes, violence in men is almost always okay. Although for the wrong reasons, today's society never appears to sympathize with men as they do with women. Men almost all over the world are more than likely to be worth more or less than women depending on social class. Men in upper and middle classes are declared to be worth more than women by women, however society suggests otherwise. Male/female double standards will always be a disadvantage to men, because society believes that women are weaklings who deserve more serious attention that men do, and this is why men are never taken seriously whenever a serious issue is in play. Although a cheating woman deserves a punch in the stomach likewise to men, the ONLY reason why I wouldn't do so is because I'm a man living in a world with these harsh double standards. Women get these unintentional advantages because society believes that the feminine woman is once again weak, thus deserving serious attention with any situation. Your final question requires more serious thought. I'll try and get back to this.

  • It's the only way a 100 lbs girl can defend herself against a 200 lbs guy.

    • I am not talking about assault, not self defense

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    • No, I think you didn't read the question ^^
      I am german. It's extremely weird to me how different our perception of violence is.
      I read a lot of opinions by americans saying that what I described is ok.
      No german girl I know thinks what I described is ok for any other reason than self defense, it is shocking violence to us. In the U. S. it seems kind of casual though.

    • Life in the US seems shockingly violent to us, European wussies. LOL.
      We 'only' grew up with the Red Army a mere 600 miles or less from our border.
      Americans grew up with Far west movies, Karate Kid movies. That's worse than the Red Army.

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