Why is my ex boyfriend ignoring me and so uncomfortable around me?

I was in a relationship with a guy at work. It was all good. We never fought. We talked almost night and day in the first few months. Suddenly he started acting bit distant. When I asked he said he is busy. we started talking less and sometimes he avoided talking to me in office as well. My gut feeling said something was wrong. I felt he is losing interest in me. I wonder why. I am smart, intelligent and best looking girl on the floor. I really loved and trusted him. And he went for a holiday for couple of weeks. He was sending me one or two messages a day and then it turned to 2 to 3 days. Me not being used to it , confronted him in anger and asked him directly what is wrong. He should let me know if he not interested anymore instead of stringing me along. No response. And then after 3 days he replied but nothing related to what I had messaged. He completely ignored. I was disappointed and said I will talk once he is back. He did not respond again. After couple of days, I texted him again and he didn't respond. And he is back from holidays and is completely ignoring me. I asked him the reasons. He didn't answer. He dumped me without any explanation. Now he avoids me. Avoids eye contact. If he sees me walking towards him , he changes his direction. He is acting weird and I wonder why? I really dont understand his behavior and why I did not deserve any explanation. We could have talked and avoided this awkwardness but he never gave a chance. I am currently trying NC. I am not sure whether I should try talking to him again or let him go?
Why is my ex boyfriend so uncomfortable around me?


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  • don't blame yourself.
    you're dealing with someone who is unclear... so don't try to stay to get an answer from the riddler.
    sorry but you have to let him go.

    • Isn't it difficult to move on without any closure , specially when you see them daily? Was there any mistake by the girl saying that she wouldn't talk until he is back?

    • @Tjenny91
      the girl didn't do anything bad towards him, but unfortunately... he knows it, and he insists on continuing to see the pain in her face.
      how long does she have to wait until that guy declares whether he moved on or not?

      this will give her a bad impression about herself, and making her looking for the answer in any other guy she meet to correct her doubts about her self. (others may taking advantage of her while she feels horrible about what happened or her low self-esteem.)

      I know she have a lot of questions to ask... but some questions have no answers, and some answers won't make things good but make it worst.

      she needs an emotional vacation to clean her mind, and start to a good relationship with herself to start her life happily.

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  • Thanks @melnc and @tjenny91 for the answers. Do you have any opinions on why he is avoiding me. What could be the possible reasons? He is 35 years old still is he so immature? Just 15 days before I told him that I will not talk , he was saying he misses me. And suddenly he stops talking. Now he is really acting weird and it's been 2 months already. I am so much hurt thinking how can he do this to me. And I regret thinking I should not have said I won't talk to him. And apparently it looked like he was waiting for me to say this.. I am having real difficulty in moving on see him daily and they way he ignores me hurts me like hell. We didn't officially breakup as well. Should I wait for som time? I really want to understand why he is behaving such a way, is it because of me or he is guilty and can't face me?


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  • He's an ex... nuff said. Plus you sound clingy... i totally understand the distancing.


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  • Cause you're his ex


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