Should I text her again when she didn't text me back?

I usually text her about 3 times a week. but I've texted her on sat,sun, but she hasn't texted me back none of them. I think she's interested in me, also I'm interested in her. so should I text her again soon? or should I wait her text? if I should text her again, please let me know how to text her in good ways..


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  • ways should you text her again. if she hasn't replied there's only 2 reasons for this...something happened to her phone(highly unlikely) or she really isn't interested. you said that she's interested, how do you know this? just wait for her reply, you gonna come across needy and desperate, you have to make her want you. so stop with the texts and let her contact you, because if she wanted to she will.


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  • I wouldn't text her back, personally. You might come off as needy and clingy if you text her too many times before she texts you, thus pushing her farther away. Wait for her to text you, and if she doesn't just write it off and go on your merry way.

  • The simple answer is no just let her text you back is she really is interested she will text you back if she doesn't well you know...


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