Has your ex ever said that you will never be back together but after a while, you ended up back together?

Only for people who have broken up and gotten back together. Me and my ex decided to go No Contact for a while but sometimes out of the blue moon, I think about the things she told me. I am focusing on myself, but I can't stop thinking about what she said in the past.


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  • When I broke up with my ex boyfriend I slapped him and told him that we would NEVER get back together and I told him that I hate him and we ended up back together like 8 months later after just walked up to him and kissed him lol. From the day we broke up to the day we got back together I never stopped thinking about him and he had told me when we got back together that he loved me and that he never stopped thinking about me either. But the difference is that we did not talk to each other at all during that 8 month period. My advice is to wait to see how she acts around you if you ever see each other and keep in mind you CAN NOT become friends after having a relationship its uncomfortable and won't work please trust me I've tried it doesn't work out with just friendship in the long run.

    • Yeah, I really want to do NC with her but people keep on forcing us to talk. This time, I think no contact WILL happen. I do believe that things will work out itself even if I don't end up back with her. I will gladly take your advice because I think it's really the best thing I can do right now.

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    • No one really I mean just both liking each other we both kinda knew that we liked each other so

    • I pm'd you instead.

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  • Well, in my few relationships I've had, I have gotten back together with a significant other who had cut it off with me. But, never did we say we'd never be back together. I think you need to get over this girl. If she said never, or if you said never, the likely hood is so low. Friendship is always possible though. Me and one of my ex's are extremely close right now.

    I'm sorry for your loss of relationship, but I'm sure you will find someone who loves you as much as you love them and you won't have a painful break up.

    God Bless,


  • that never works because there's so much hurt and frustration

  • Yup, many relationships are hot & cold like this. When they get back together, it is no surprise to anyone. You just woner when they are breaking up again, & why they don't just stay apart.


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  • it kinda happened with my first ex. she didn't have to say anything though. it was set in stone, I kind of knew we wouldn't get back together. a year went by, maybe more. she got together with 2 other guys. until one day she realized I still had feelings for her and she decided she still had feelings for me. we got back together and it lasted for a year until I f***ed up, royally. I guess if you're meant to be you'll be. if not, move on. there are better things for you out there.

  • Why not just cut the bullsh*t and get back together and MAKE IT WORK?

    You can focus on yourself and still be in a relationship. Sometimes relationships require some effort. It only means you care...

    These are games you are playing. You need to set things straight, either you truly never ever want to speak to each other, or you make things happen. If you believe you can be friends with her, which I don't considering you have a No Contact rule, your best bet is to really think things through.

    Its just my thought. It's what I would do if I still had feelings. I would at least give it a shot. Ya know?

    Sorry buddy I don't know if that helps or not. Hopefully it's something though.



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