Why are my ex's friends adding me on Facebook?

Firstly, I don't want him back. I realized he treated me badly and were not friends. I hated his new group of snobbish friends. Anyway, I got Facebook to keep in touch with old friends and suddenly, I get a friend request from one of his friends. He's well aware me and my ex rarely speak despite him texting me and joking about hooking up etc. (which I ignore) and he knows where not friends and that he's already got another girlfriend whom he sees as a fling and she adores him. Then, another one of his friends I've never met adds me (recognize him by his photo and name). I've only recently got Facebook and my ex is away on holiday so hasn't had chance to use it since I've joined.

So, think there's a reason they're adding me?

I know they're may not be at all and I'm just curious really. Thanks x


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  • I can't say for sure, but sometimes people just add you for the sake of adding you. I get requests from people I've met once or twice, or haven't met at all. I don't understand it, but some people just want to add everyone. But I see why you're suspicious of your ex's friends. I'm not sure what the motive behind it would be though.

    • Yeah, that's what I though. Just for the sake of adding :) I guess it's because they're my ex' friends who weren't really keen on me and I disliked a lot. I don't like the though of them or my ex checking up on my photos/status etc. I'd rather forget him c

    • Perhaps he wants to see if you're still single haha

    • Hahaha :p I sincerely hope not.

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  • Maybe they're trying to spy on you for him? Has happened to me before lol

  • in one of my past relationships, when we broke up it was really hard on me..me and him never kept in contact partly because he never tried too, I always tried to keep in touch, but obviously he didn't want that. I am someone just like your ex because my friends added my ex on facebook to keep a eye on him because I no longer had him on facebook, or they added him because I had talked about him a lot and they wanted to see what he looked like etc. hope this helps!

  • They might just like you, also sometimes people say, I know that person, I'll send them a friend request. It's not a big deal, most people don't even talk to their facebook friends besides a couple friends.

    • Thanks :) That's what I though. We just never really liked each other and me and my ex' pretend we don't exist (unless he's texting me) so I guess it freaked me out ha ha x

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