Why does my ex ignore me?

Right I know this sounds like I am a bit crazy, but I just wanted to stay friends for obvious reasons, which I will now explain.

I broke up with my boyfriend about 3 months ago. We met on a teacher training course and were together through the whole of it, a year in other words.

Throughout the relationship I had to put up with him still being in contact with his ex and texting her. In fact he was in contact with all of his ex-girlfriends. On a rare occasion when we went out to dinner, he interrupted our conversation to tell me he just had to text one of his exes happy birthday. I just accepted it. I started to realize he wasn't over her, but he insisted he was. Near the end he chose to go to his exes sister's wedding over spending some time with me which we had not had. I got fed up of the mistrust and decided to let him go and have her. He didn't put up much of a fight.

But he begged me to stay friends and I said yes I would love that after everything we had been through with teacher training. Anyway it has been 3 months, I know he has a new girlfriend so I know we will never get back together, but we both started new teaching jobs in September and I just text him the other day to ask him how the first month had been. Completely professional nothing flirty.

He has completely ignored me. I was just trying to be friendly as I still care about him.

Why has he ignored me? But was in contact with all of his exes when he was with me?

I know people will say why are you bothered about it, but I just want to know why he treated some exes nicely but others not. Why is he friends with all of his ex girlfriends but not me? After all he said I was the only one who has ever really appreciated and loved him.
Why does my ex ignore me?
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